ZmartFrame to Make Our Old Monitor a Touch-Screen

Touch screen technology has changed the way of people enjoying and interacting with the technology. It eases people in doing various tasks, while at the same time also offer compactness as it no longer requires additional input devices to accomplish almost 90% of computing activities. The presence of touch screen technology is no-doubt giving us huge benefits to enjoy. But what many of us haven’t realized is the fact that the advancement of touch-screen technology is somehow also lead us to environmental disaster. With more and more people consider converting their old monitors to the touch-screen ones, there are approximately a significant increase of electronic waste we have to deal in the near future.

And that is what becoming the main reason behind the creation of ZmartFrame. Instead of replacing the old monitor with the new one, now we can use the ZmartFrame as the alternative. ZmartFrame is a revolutionary product in a form of a frame that is designed to be installed to a monitor screen and to make it equipped with touch-screen feature. It just like reincarnating our old monitor so that it’s still a valuable item to be used until today. This at some points will be the promising solution to avoid excessive electronic waste in the next few years. And compared to if we buy a brand-new touch-screen PC monitor, it will be more cost-saving if we use ZmartFrame instead.

ZmartFrame is now under development by the creators. But you can find more sample images of the products at There you will also be able to know how the product will be look like when it already mass manufactured. And the creators of ZmartFrame invites anyone whom willingly to help them raise enough fund the cost required for the mass production. If you want to, you can also make donation to them and get free unit of ZmartFrame by the time it already mass produced.

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