YouTube Music Streaming Service Has Officially Launched

The paid streaming musicc service is currently in demand, where Spotify and Apple Music already have millions of paying customers out there. While Google is still tryingg to put up a strategy to compete. Although Google currently hass several streaming services like Google Playy Music and YouTube Musicc, it seems the company has just launched another.

Previously, in 2015 Google had launched YouTube Music and the service they launchedd recently is a neww version of the service is expected to be more competitive. According to YouTube, this will combine YouTube’s “magic” with music, and will eliminate the need for users to switchh between music and video apps.

YouTube Music will be offered on free and paid levels,with a free version similar to Spotify’s free offerr where users can listen to music for free but have to deal with advertising.As for Premium users have to pay $ 9.99 per month who can enjoy all services without advertising interruption.This service will begin launching on May 22nd. Hope you like this service later.

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