Why Courier Services are better than Shipping Service

Courier service plays a great role in accommodating the business world nowadays. Most companies using it to deliver goods to their customers as well as also to send documents between their office branches. And compared to the regular shipping service, courier service offers more advantages to enjoy. If you’re curious to know more about courier services and things they managed to offer better than the shipping company, here are some of them.

First, courier companies are mostly offer same day pick-up and delivery services, something that shipping company is failed to offer. However, you have to also be realistic to assign them destinations that are reachable within the same-day, from the pick-up to delivery.

Second, the main factor of pricing in a courier company is the distance, not weight; differ to what the shipping company does. Even if you have bulky stuffs to deliver at the same day, the cost will be lower than if you use shipping company. This is because shipping company put the weight as their base pricing factor. This gives new opportunity for personals and businesses to save extra money using courier service instead.

Third, unlike the shipping company, the courier company usually allow clients to request customized delivery service especially for certain items like sensitive stuffs, perishable products, and more. In other hand, the shipping company may not be willingly to do the same for you. And even if they agreed, there will be extra charges for such extra service, and mostly it doesn’t come cheap.

Fourth, this is the best, most courier companies provide their services 24/7 everyday, including the weekends and holidays. They are the ones you’d like to call for last-minute Christmas gift delivery.

Courier services are available in almost everywhere, including also in Australia. There are plenty of courier Australia companies available, but you have to be extra careful to choose only reputable provider for best delivery experience. FastTrackCourierSydney.com can be your best place to start finding best courier company in Australia.

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