What the Industrial Technology and Industrial Engineering?

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What the Industrial Technology and Industrial Engineering? Technology is a discipline that, if adopted by someone then that person is called “technology”. Industrial Technology is a discipline that is necessary for man to be mastered one or all of the many things such as; designing, managing, analyzing, and other related matters within the scope of “industrial process”.

Rather tricky to distinguish between technology and engineering. “Technology” relating to discipline, components and products. Industrial technology means is the discipline of components, products and systems are used. While the “technique” is related to someone who is an expert with the methods used. More specifically, the keyword “industrial engineering” is productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency

Techniques associated with education and career. Career can be an industrial engineering student after graduation is production engineers, supply chain managers, operations analysts, quality engineers, and information system analysts. Cultivated fields are also very spacious, all kinds of businesses, companies, and governments seeking to improve performance and reduce costs requires an industrial engineering. In addition, many industrial engineering graduates who make their own business or go into consulting.

This technology is the natural sciences, such as mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology are associated with the “energy”. A simple example; wind (energy source), used as a means of generating electrical energy by the propeller, then it is called technology.

Thus, more industry leading technology to science, components and products in industrial processes. Related matters about the technology industry includes many disciplines which is a combination of several basic sciences such as mathematics, biology, chemistry and physics.

Industrial Technology also means technological processes, related to equipment, human skills and the state of operation. If any of these parameters change, we need to recalibrate the system to fit the designed products.

Are you still confused between technology and techniques? Okay, let’s assume the same between engineering and technology, because it is very complicated Some things related to technology / engineering industries, among others;

Automatic control systems of industrial processes (Automation & Control System) – Matters related to the automation of tools, components and engines that operate to achieve the results according to standards of the company.

Trobleshooting – Troubleshooting the cause of tools, components or machines do not work according to the standard.

Maintenance – Fixing a tool, including me-modification or replacement of parts, tools, machines to conform with the standards of industrial processes

Industrial technology innovation – ideas and technological development of the various disciplines that support industrial processes for the better in terms of quality, convenience and security processes for machines and humans

Management of industrial processes – Responsible for industrial processes which include; production manager, plant manager, project manager, production supervisors, project engineer, manufacturing engineer, process engineer, and so forth.

That glimpse of the meaning and the difference between the technology industry with the engineering industry, and some issues related to industrial processes. Hopefully this knowledge useful and increase knowledge for you.

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