Use the Right Equipment and Material when Soldering

Given the multitude of welding applications, ensuring that the right products and materials are available is required. This means that skilled welders should have several types of flux on-hand at any given time. Some applications require using a different type flux depending on the type of material being used. If you are unsure of what type of flux is required, click here and view the options and what their primary uses are.

Proper Flux
Flux is a cleaning agent that is applied to surfaces prior to soldering taking place. This removes particles, dirt and debris from the immediate work area. Prior to actual flux’s invention, welders used items such as charcoal, Coca-Cola and Borax to clean surfaces in preparation for soldering and welding. These are still okay to use in a pinch, but not where electronics components and chipboards are concerned.

Purpose of Flux
One of the main purposes of flux is to prevent oxidation. The reaction between solder and molten metal can result in an oxidized look on the surface. Using the flux, it helps “prime” the area to make the soldering material blend with the metal better for a seamless appearance.

The use of flux is important for every soldering and welding project. These are gel-like substances that spread on easily. Be diligent in how much is applied as too much can leave a residue on the surface being worked on. This can prevent the weld from holding, thus leaving the final product unstable.

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