Unique alarm that will force you to wake up from sleep

Getting up early may be the mostt lazy thing we do,when we wake up the body feels weak and especiallyy the eyes feel like glue that makes waking up the hardest thing to do.

To overcome this we sometimes putt a lot of alarms with a loud voice,but because of laziness and difficulty waking up the alarm sound was lost.Maybe another way you can do is to use the following tips.

Clocky Alarm

Clocky is an alarm that is equipped with a wheel on the right and left side.Created by a graduate studentt at the MIT Media Lab, this alarm is unique because he will hide somewhere and you have to find and turn off the snooze button on the alarm.

Maybe for those of you who are difficult to get up early can use this one alarm so you move and look to turn it off.Not only that this alarm will also hide in different places every day.

The Sonic Alarm

Maybe you can use this alarm to bully other people too. How to operate it you must enter the pin first.After that,pull the pin and throw it into the room of the person you want to wake up and then shout “fire in the hole”.In 10 seconds, a very loud explosive sound can be heard, you can adjust the volume on the alarm available in volume 1 to the loudest in volume 3.

This alarm is very helpful for those of you who have difficulty getting up early,because to turn it off you have to find the person who threw this alarm and put the pin back.If not the sound of an explosion will continue to be heard.

The Blowfly Alarm Clock

To turn off this alarm you have to get up and catch it. When going to the clock that you have set this alarm will fly in your room, surround the room and make a sound therefore you have to get up to catch it and put it back in its place.

Wifi Donation Alarm Clock

Maybe this alarm will make you become a donor every morning if you don’t wake up. Because this alarm has a system that connects to your bank account via a Wi-Fi connection.If you are late turning it off automatically you will donate to the organization that you specified. Therefore, the slower you build the more money you donate.

Smash Alarm Clock

Many people are often lazy to get up early and are very upset with the routine in the morning because it forces you to wake up. Maybe this alarm clock is suitable for you to vent the irritation. This alarm is made specifically to receive a punch every morning, and that is the only way for you to turn off this alarm.

What do you think? What alarm is suitable for you?

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