Typing Can Do with No Hands, Pretty Using Eye

Steve Gleason

Steve Gleason

Write a message on an electronic device in the next few years is not only limited to the use of arms. The process of writing typing on a computer or tablet would also be done simply by eye. It also refers to a new technology recently patented by Microsoft.

The technology allows users of Microsoft devices to type enough to focus his eyes on a letter. How to typing like this is very helpful when there is no physical keyboard or for those who can not use their hands normally due to health reasons.

The use of this advanced technology can be done with or without the use of additional accessories that are used in the head. And to do that, Microsoft also uses multiple sensors simultaneously. And additional accessories to support this technology could be installed either in the head or directly embedded on the device. And so, then the device with eye tracking technology is going to be able to detect the views of users and further predicts letters to be written.

Technology like this is actually Microsoft has been applied to former NFL athlete named Steve Gleason known to suffer from ALS. Gleason using eye tracking technology that is connected to the Surface tablet that enables it to type with eyes. In addition, he also can correct typing errors with voice commands.

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