Three Ways Modern Technology Has Changed Driving School

The 21st century has brought many changes with it, including a myriad of changes in cars. There are cars that look and act like futuristic cars we watched in movies just twenty years ago that seem unreal. But, just because cars are more technologically advanced and have hundreds of added features, the basic simple act of driving a car has not changed. Following safety precautions and driving experience are two critical things that should be the focus of anyone who gets behind the wheel of a moving vehicle. The good news is that, along with the technology that has accompanied the changes in cars, there are added technologies available for driving schools as well. Those who are learning to drive have added benefits available because of technology that will ultimately make them safer drivers. Following are three of the most commonly used tools:

1. The Use of a Tablet or iPad for Driving
In the past, driving instructors were very meticulous about keeping your hands on the wheel at all times, not talking on cell phones or using tablets or iPads while driving. Now, they have a new take on the value of these technologies but they are used before the student gets behind the actual wheel of a moving car. Tablets, iPads, and other wireless devices have added apps that create imaginary scenarios for students and instructors to discuss and “act out” safely in a classroom before getting into a vehicle. This better prepares students for unexpected occurrences on the road, making them safer drivers.

2. Using Rangefinders to Judge Distance
A simple tool called a Rangefinder can help a student to learn to judge distances between cars that are in front, behind or beside them when they are maneuvering a vehicle. This added bonus is invaluable before the student begins to drive because, while s/he may feel that they can suitably judge distances, they may find with a simple point and click from a Rangefinder that they were, in fact, dangerously close. This will also better prepare them once they are behind the wheel.

3. Steering Wheel Trainers
Another tool that assists students learning to drive is the steering wheel trainer. This technological “simulator” allows the student to get comfortable with the feel of a steering wheel in their hands. They can properly test and practice Pull-Push or Hand Over Hand methods that are necessary skills when driving. When they can easily maneuver the steering wheel, they are safer, more alert drivers which makes the road a safer place for everyone.

Formula Driving School is the perfect place for new learners or veteran drivers who just want to update their driving knowledge, staying abreast of the newer technologies. To integrate technology with driving instruction is a simple, valuable tool. For a driving school in the Sydney eastern suburbs that is fully technologically ready, check out Formula Driving School for a top-notch driving experience. You will leave feeling confident and ready for any experience on the road.

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