This Thermometer Module Allows Smartphones To Measure The Human Body Temperature

Smartphone with thermometer sensor? It is still sounds familiar because so far we have not found a smartphone that has a built-in thermometer sensor. ‘But recently a South Korean technology company called CrucialTec has launched the world’s first micro-size thermometer sensor module dedicated to smartphones.

According to the Korean Herald, this gadget is capable of measuring one’s body temperature in just 0.5 seconds using a connected app. In this case, the module uses an integrated microelectromechanical system, also called i-MEMS. ‘With this module, he is able to measure human or object temperatures between -40 and 200 degrees centigrade.

The sensor is attached to the inside of the smartphone and there is an outlet through the module on the back cover. ‘The entire setup is implemented in such a way that later the performance temperature on the smartphone will not interfere with the measurements taken to detect human temperature.

This means, if the temperature of the phone heats up because it is used for playing games or anything else will not affect the temperature measurement using the module. One thing that is spectacular about the technology is that it is without direct contact. “So, to make temperature measurements, you do not need direct contact with the sensor, which can help reduce the risk of infection.

For now there is no indication of when this technology will be applied to the smartphone, but there is a possibility if this sensor will be carried by a flagship smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S is coming. “The flagship smartphones from Samsung are known to have sensors to detect heart rate, and if these sensors are carried by the next flagship of Samsung will meperlengkap health features on the device.

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