This Robot Capable Build Houses

Robot Ini Mampu Bangun Rumah

A technology researcher, said it had succeeded in developing a robot known as Hadrian. The robot is claimed to be able to do the work home builders, many times faster.

Robots were introduced with the name Hadrian, was able to build a brick lay 1,000 pieces in one hour for the foundation wall. So, if calculated over 24 hours in a day, the possibility of the construction of the house can be made within approximately two days.

The ability of robots made by the researchers, also claimed to be able to build as many as 150 homes per year.

Creator acknowledged that the robot is made by using 3D scanning technology. So the calculation of laying bricks, the robot can be done accurately.

Since the industrial revolution, approximately 6,000 years ago, people have laid the bricks and they have tried to automate the installation of brick.

Hadrian robot has a height of approximately 28 meters with the main body which is connected to the machine, as well as the single enabled robot arm to pick up a brick and put it in order. Before the groundbreaking ceremony, the robot will be assisted by 3D computer (CAD) is used as the design of the house, then the robot will calculate each brick will be placed according to the program.

Resources mentions the Creator of this robot has developed Hadrian development projects in the project, which lasted for 10 years. It is estimated that the funds spent by the company is approximately $ 7 million.

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