The future of intelligence technology

intelegensi teknologi

1. Future Technology Intelligence.

Technological developments influence on human development, because of technological developments can determine the development of civilization of a society in a particular area. Not uncommon for people to judge a country by looking at the development of technology. Since most only developed countries with stable income who can do the research and discovery to advance the development of the technology. For that we need to learn more about science and technology, so we will not be said as a person who does not understand the technology to face the future.

2. Benefits intelligence technology in everyday life.

Talking about the Intelligent Technology today might not be there completed. Lots of sophisticated inventions that are beneficial to assist human activity in daily life. Some small examples today can already feel the benefits of existing technology intelligence. For example, in phone or often referred to as HP, before HP is found, a letter is the primary means used for long distance communication. Although take quite a long time because the delivery process takes a long time. But then changed after we use the telephone.

Intelligence technology that today we feel not just in the field of communication there are also in the field of information. Along with the development, when the Internet became the primary choice to be the boast of information.

The Internet is a network of computers around the globe who are connected to each other by using the standard internet protocol suite (TCP or IP) so that between each computer can access information and exchange of data.

Internet is now the primary choice to find information because the search process easier and faster. In addition to searching for information, the Internet also can transmit data or documents of the company. So we can transmit data or documents to others even though the distance is very far without having to a friend. simply use the internet connection at the data that we will be able to tell the people that we are headed. Due to the development of an increasingly global intelligence technology and extends the possibility of human labor will be replaced with a power machine or robot.

3. Prediction of the Future Development of Intelligent Technology

a. Computer operated by the mind
Currently might operate the computer, mobile phone and other communication tools by hand may ??usual. But most likely will be in the predicted some years to come operate the computer, the phone only with our minds, not sophisticated. But this discovery is still in the design process. If this plan succeeds, users can surf the Internet, write a letter and run the computer activities just by thinking about it.

b. PC paper
Have you ever imagined if a computer is large and heavy can be converted into paper as small and light to be brought everywhere. in line with the changing times quite rapidly allowing the presence of a PC or a computer that is small and light that can be brought anywhere. Such Pc are only the size of the paper, and it can be folded.

The discovery of this kind may not be longer existing. because it has a lot of changes from the start to shape up to the size of the PC. It used to be a size PC can assume at the table, then turned into a computer, constantly changing into a laptop, and today is more well-known is the Tablet. Can be predicted several years to come the PC only the size of paper and can be folded. Such PCs are usually equipped with a pen as a tool to operate by means of a touch screen.

c. Sophisticated car
In the modern era of almost like today who would not want to own a car that is all-powerful. Surely no, what now is a lot of cars that have a brain like a computer. currently there are already cars that can park themselves, will hit the brakes himself if, cool it. few years there will be a car that can run on water, turned into a robot and others.

With a variety of shadow intelligence technologies that will come in the future, may we be conscious to be optimistic that the future of innovation and technological development can bring change to the world for the better future.

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