The First House Built Using a 3D Printer

Who would have thought, 3D printers are not only applicable to small things. But it can also be used for large construction such as making a home.

The first house was made by a 3D printer is an innovation of the company Apis Cor. They make a 3D printer on-side only needs to be installed in the middle of the “prospective home”. So the cost can be reduced, and the time to set up the printer can be fast. Yes, it only takes one hour for the installation and the house is ready to be built!

This is a potential and new solutions in the field of architecture. With a 3D printer technology that looks like this crane, the architects who were making innovation complex of buildings, will be helped to apply them in the real world. For this 3D printer can create any shape that allows for designing future home, while reducing the risk of damage due to human-error on the building.

In this project, Apis Cor cooperation with other companies to make the complement of the house. That PIK Companies, TechnoNICOL, BITEX REIBEPUTZ, «FABRIKA OKON» COMPANY, and technology giants SAMSUNG for interior electronics.

3D printers of Apis The cast can make a house with an area of ??38 square meters in a single day! Moreover, the manufacturing cost can also be reduced to only $ 10134. Really efficient! This is evidence that electronic technology and robotics like 3D printers still can be widely applied. All it takes is innovation and the ability to make these innovative ideas into reality.

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