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Teknologi Network

The next Network Speed ??43 TB per-second. At least that is what we will get future internet users. Danish researchers claim to have succeeded in creating the next generation network, the optical fiber can transfer 43 terabytes per second.

With a speed of 43 TB per second, when using the calculation formula Download Kbps to KBps it will allow users to download movies or about one gigabyte of data is less than the blink of an eye which is only 0.2 milliseconds.

Researchers who broke the record previously held by experts. At that time, they create a network that can reach 32 terabits per second.

The research team uses multi-core optical fiber developed by a single company.

This type of fiber consists of seven core (glass yarn), not a single core is used in a standard fiber, thus allowing greater data transfer.

Future Internet Network

Related to this, the researchers say worldwide competition presents the network with data rates that can contribute significantly to accommodate the growth of data traffic on the Internet.

It is estimated, the traffic on the Internet will grow by 40-50 percent annually and it will be increasingly soar as many internet-connected devices in the home, and the connected car technology.

When that has happened, the total energy consumption of the Internet as a whole will generate more than two per cent of man-made carbon emissions globally, equivalent to the transportation industry.

Therefore, it is important to detect Internet solutions that can reduce energy consumption significantly while expanding bandwidth.

Whatever is being researched and are being developed, today, Indonesia is still in the stage of building a 4G LTE. And, with 4G LTE, if the maximum, then we’ve got an incredible internet network. How not, if we gain internet access 4G LTE for example category 4, it is able to download up to 150Mbps, and upload up to 50Mbps. Although it technically is outside the specifications of the conditions in the network, we can take the value of 70% only, it is already highly optimized.

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