Technology Developments For The Future


Staring for future technological developments. Here’s a list of 200+ technological development of 14 sectors / fields, which are being carried out research, development and pilot projects as well as some already running but is not yet complete to various countries around the world.

Projects or experiments, research intended to create new technologies that really function optimally, so it can be called as a useful technology for the benefit of modern life or a modern lifestyle (without regard to benefits in their entirety).

Of the 14 sectors, some is the elaboration of NBIC, is an abbreviation of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology and Cognitive Science. In 2014.

The fourth term is the most popular. It was introduced as a discourse for the general public through the publication of “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance”, which is largely sponsored by the US National Science Foundation. 4 That is what underlies a large part names and technological innovation that we list in 14 sectors with a total of nearly 200 technology, and of course do not miss to energy, electrical and electronics.

Research and Development of Technology for the Future

Currently, there are 14 sectors recorded in which each have a technology that is already running (but not exhaustive), and technologies that are being researched, is being developed and carried out a pilot project in order to realize the advanced technology of modern life in the future.

Of course, the development of technology in 14 sectors or fields that list in 2015 could be reduced in the future, or even will continue to grow with the changing era, without any further settlement of the technology before it. Yes, as we know that, on this earth many intelligent people who bring new ideas for progress, and innovations in various fields. Although there are also ideas that actually disturbing life.

It is also in accordance with the history of technology, where the contemporary advances will lead to various innovative methods, which then continues to be developed. Sometimes it does not matter whether it will be achieved, or may fail. What is certain is that the technology will continue to evolve with the times and we currently do not know what the sophisticated technology of the next century.

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