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Improve your design and get more sales



For most companies, their presence online is mostly through a website, blog or fan page on a number of social media sites. However, most online users would go to a company’s website to seek information on their products or services before making a purchase. It is for this reason that it is important for companies to keep their website up to date in terms of web design as well as information. Apart from being current, the website also has to be used at its maximum to increase revenue to the company. It is common to find companies that have invested a lot in web development but do so little to in terms of getting back returns on their investment.

Fortunately, driving sales through your company website can be done by simply improving its web design. There are a number of changes that designers can make to ensure that the site attracts online users so that they can browse through and eventually purchase your service or product. Some of the areas that can be updated on a website to increase the chances of additional revenue include:

Use responsive web design

Many people that visit your site may do so from a number of devices, thus making it important that they have a consistent experience regardless of the gadget. Having a web design that is responsive has a number of advantages for a company as it makes it easier to drive sales while making management of the site much easier. For the best web design consider using modern platforms such as Drupal or even Word Press among others.

Add graphics and video content

It is a fact that visual information is processed by the brain much quicker than text, which makes it important to have videos and images as part of the website content. Ensure that the design of the website incorporates videos on the landing page to engage the audience resulting in purchase of products or services offered by the site. Majority of customers browse more on sites with graphics and will likely return resulting in increased sales.

Use call to action banners

Good designers should include banners that “call out” users to take action when browsing through a website. The banners on your site can be at the header or footer as a way of encouraging users to make a purchase or even sign up for a promotion. These call to action banners are one of the simplest ways of driving sales for your company’s products and services.

Display customer testimonials

Customer recommendations on your products and services are more likely to be trusted by potential clients than advertisements. Therefore, it is important to have them prominently displayed as part of your web design to attract new customers or encourage them to make a purchase on the site.  In most cases, if your website has many positive reviews, there is a likelihood of an increase in revenue as most customers view them as friendly recommendations that they can trust.