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Breathing in water without the use of air tube

in the water

in the water

A new technology allows the diver to possible it could perform its activities without bringing air tube quite burdensome. Instead, they could use a crystalline material that has been specifically synthesized so that it can absorb and store oxygen in high concentrations.

The crystalline successfully discovered by researchers from the University of Southern Denmark. The technology they use materials found with cobalt as a main component. Professor Christine McKenzie of the University of Southern Denmark said that the crystalline material serves as a sensor and a place to store oxygen.

The use of this technology was going to give a longer dive time to the diver. This is because these materials can also be set to be able to absorb oxygen directly from the water. To make these materials can release the stored oxygen, the researchers used heat as a trigger. MacKenzie said it wants to do research to how light can be used as a trigger to replace the heat.

Remarkable discovery is not it? Hopefully this study can work well and resulted in the discovery that can help mankind.