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Ways to Improve Your Typing Skill

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Some people may see typing skill as not really an important skill to be mastered. However, there are always some times when you are required to type fast and correctly, especially when your job mostly deal with documents. Some people may not do their jobs satisfactorily and on time without sufficient typing skill. They will find it frustrating and even annoying. Actually, there are many ways that can help you improving your typing skills. Some of the best ways are doing typing speed test and also learning important techniques about typing skills.

Typing Test Exercises

When you want to improve your typing skill, the best way you can do is exercising. Nowadays, there are many sources that can be used as ‘helpers’ in order to improve your typing skills. The best source is indeed the internet. You can start searching and browsing with internet to find the best websites that offer typing test. The test is usually required you to type certain words into a sentence. You are given certain times (about one minutes) to finish the task. You can see the remaining times at the above of letters. There is also a “helper’’ button on the website that can randomly put the words into different arrangements. You can be helped by changing and looking at the different arrangements of the words. In case you failed the test, you can start a new test by clicking the “try again” or ‘’retry’’ button.

Touch Typing For Beginners

Some of you maybe have not heard about touch typing before. Touch typing is a technique or method for typing without looking at the keyboard. A touch typist will know the location of the keyboard well from their muscle memory. This technique can make you type quicker and more accurately. For those who still cannot type fast and accurately, this technique is very useful for you. All people can be a touch typist with some efforts in exercising. There are some tips about touch typing for beginners that you can do in order to master the skill. The first tip is to know the theories about the technique. You can start by fixing your finger position. The eight fingers usually are placed in a horizontal row along the middle of the keyboard so that it will be easy for them to reach other keys. This way can be used for both two-handed and one hand touch typing. After that, you should train yourselves to type without looking at the screen. You may find it difficult at first, but as the time goes by you will get used to it. Your fingers will automatically reach the right keys that you want. In addition, you also need to take some typing speed test in order to improve your typing skill. You can take the tests from some websites that offer typing speed tests or games. Choose the easy one first. After you have gained improvements, you can choose further levels. Those ways will efficiently help you master typing skill and do your work accurately.

Online Typing Exercise for Free at EasyType.org

Typing skill is highly needed in working world. This is the basic skill that anyone should be capable of, especially if their job involves the use of computer and typing machines. Surely anybody can easily to type words and sentence, but did they do it right? Typing isn’t only about pressing the right alphabetical buttons to form a sentence or readable text, it should also have speed to maintain productivity at work. So, if you want to compete the others in getting the job you desired, it would be a good idea to have at least one skill to be stand out, and you can start it up by improving your typing skill.


There are many ways you can do to improve your typing skill, one of them is by visiting EasyType.org. Well, it doesn’t mean visiting this site then you will immediately get the skill improved. It doesn’t work like that. However, as you entered the site, you will be able to exercise the typing skill by using the free online touch typing feature provided by EasyTape.org. You will be trained on how to maximize your typing capability, from beginner level to become advanced typist in only a matter of minutes.

EasyType.org offers online touch typing for beginners to train and develop their skill. The system will educate beginners from the basic technique of it, such as finger placement, how to get used to it, and more. There are multiple stages of training anyone can try to which each level contain new training and is more challenging than the level below it. After completing each level, one will be able to evaluate their progress, such as the mistakes they have been done, how to fix that, and more. You can decide whether to retry the level or to advance to the next, the freedom is in you. Even if you want to, you may also jump certain levels and make your own checkpoint.

By following the given levels of exercise, one will be able to improve their skills slightly at a time and significant improvement will be gained once they accomplished all trainings available. And they don’t have to accomplish all at once; instead they may just simply to postpone the next level for then to be continued later time. This allow them to pick their own timing for efficient learning.

EasyType.org provides free touch typing for beginners, which that means anyone trying and exercising using this feature will be charged nothing in return. People may easily to come to the site and improve their typing skill whenever they want to, without any requirements of membership, subscription, and payment.

And believe it or not, what being offered by EasyType.org is what exactly needed by many people out there, especially those whom never have formal training and education to enhance their typing skill. As the basic skill, fast and efficient typing skill should be mastered to almost everyone, especially those whom dreaming to have career at offices. And in that case, one should look no further since EasyType.org has everything it needed for him/her to be a good typist.