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Type Missile Technology

Jenis Teknologi Peluru Kendali

Missiles or so-called missile is a rocket that is used by the military and the operation is controlled by an automatic control system in the search target. The first missile is operated bullet kendalai Germany in World War II that the V-1 and V-2. Both missiles are controlled by autopilot to keep the direction of the bullets fly in accordance with the predetermined route.


    Missiles of this type using the path trajectory is controlled by a ballistic system in operation. The first missile was made is a V-2 rocket that works to help the defense of the special forces Nazi Germany in the 1930-1940’s. In its launch can take tens of seconds to minutes and consists of three rocket launchers. Ballistic missile can be launched from the launch vehicle, aircraft, and submarines. In its launch phase that consists of three phases of the launch, free-flying phase, and the phase of entering the earth’s atmosphere.
    This type of missile has wings and a jet propulsion engines. Many say if the cruise missiles are flying bombs that have conventional warheads as well as nuclear with a range of hundreds of miles and tinggkat high accuracy. Currently more modern cruise missile at supersonic speeds exceeding subsonic and can fly at low altitude with an automatic control system to avoid radar. The first cruise missiles were made by the United States in 1917 in World War I, which is a type Tomahaw US BGM-109 is capable of achieving a range of 1,100 km.

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