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Innovation Accessories At Monitor

aksesoris monitor

Monitor the hardware that serves as an image viewer on a computer or television. Currently in monitor technology is increasingly sophisticated, as evidenced by the presence of several technologies such as LCD screens, LED and OLED.

The technology has been applied to the television screen and computer devices. Some accessories that seem unique also present to enliven the appearance of the monitor on the market. Well, here are some additional accessories that might make your activities in front of the monitor becomes more enjoyable:

1. Document Extractor
Computers and printers are a pair of gadget that can not be separated if you work in an office. But what if we combine them?

Document Extractor is Byeong Min Choe idea is to combine the monitor with the printer into one device. Read more

Titan Zeus, giant-sized 370-inch television that Carries HD 4K Resolution and Supports 65 Million Colors

Titan Zeus

Titan Zeus

A high-resolution screen for some specific purposes and may still not be enough. In addition, there is a need a TV with a giant screen. Well, there is a new product which is a combination of two things, namely a giant TV named Titan Zeus. Giant television is also very well suited to use in indoor or outdoor environments.

Titan Zeus is a giant-screen television with berukruan 370 inches. Not only giant screen TV also comes with a high-resolution 4K HD. Problems owned any picture quality is not the problem. Because Titan Zeus supports up to 65 million colors.

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