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Use Environmentally Friendly Power Source, Save The Earth!

solar cell

solar cell

Currently humans have to think to use alternative energy , such as solar power , wind power, biomass power, geothermal power, and other reserves as the depletion of natural resources, especially petroleum . The one that is now so much choice is solar power .

Since the last few decades, solar energy has been used in various countries. If properly exploited, solar energy predicted to provide the needs of the world’s energy consumption. Solar energy has its advantages, which can be used free of nature, as well as CO2-free making it environmentally friendly. With a tropical climate conditions sunlight throughout the year, Indonesia also has the potential to generate significant solar energy. Read more

Fingerprint scanner on Samsung Galaxy S5, How It Works ??

Phone companies vying to create gadgets that can facilitate its work. With a small touch can open existing applications in the mobile phone. After Apple and HTC, mobile phone manufacturers which almost certainly will adopt fingerprint scanner is Samsung. Features that are likely to be used by Samsung in Galaxy S5 also has revealed how it works. How it works?.

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