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Get your Tesla cleaned while it’s recharged!

When you own an electric Tesla, supercharger might be the facility you use quite often in order to make your car keep running. As you may already know, right now the automaker already places quite a lot of superchargers in many spots in order to create a better convenience for those who use the electric version of Tesla cars, which is factually also a better and eco-friendlier type of vehicle. If you use the chargers quite often, have you ever imagined getting your tesla cleaned while it is recharged at the supercharger station? This is factually a really great thing since the time needed to get your car fully charged can be used more effectively.


Right now, there is factually a party who can make the great thing mentioned earlier true. This is none other but Sudsmen Tesla Recharge. The main focus of this company is in car detailing and cleaning. Whenever your car is dirty and at the same time you need to go to a supercharger station no matter where it is located, all you need to do is making an appointment with Sudsmen who will send the right Sudsman to clean your car in detail while it is recharged at the supercharger of Tesla. The best thing about this is you can choose the wash and the Sudsman on your own. Besides, you can also choose the appointment time so it will be easier for you to match it with your schedule. While the car is charged, the Sudsman will start the cleaning process and you can be sure that this cleaning and detailing process will be finished when your car is fully charged or even before that.


Once you book for the service offered in Sudsmen you will never have to wait too long to get the car cleaned. This service provider usually works fast in order to keep each customer satisfied. Besides, the price offered will never be too expensive too and it is something guaranteed. Of course, the price differs based on the choice of cleaning you choose. Basically, there are 7 different types of cleaning offered. Those are; full detail, exterior, interior, engine, lights, shampoo carpets, and extra cleaning. The difference in price may also be resulted from the type of car you own, such as truck or minivan, large SUV, small SUV, and regular car. For you to know, the range of price is now started at $20s up to $120s. If you just need to get Tesla Supercharge, you only need to spend $29. Well, there’s nothing you can say about such price tag but “incredible”! Try to check out the similar services out there and this price is surely undefeatable.

So, what do you think about this cleaning service offered by Sudsmen? If you think it as a really beneficial type of service you need to know further and of course use as the owner of Tesla vehicle, there is already an official website built to share complete information about the service. Besides, Sudsmen.com can be used as a place where you can book the service quickly and easily. Check out the website now and you will find out more information you need to know first before booking the high quality service. Another thing you need to know in order to make you more convinced to get this service instead of the other is related to how this service is really friendly to the environment. The other car washes and similar services need 40 – 70 gallons of water to clean the car. This service is brilliantly able to deal with the cleaning with barely any water. Normally, it only needs one glass of water. You get clean car and at the same time, you also participate in maintaining the environment. What can be even better than that?