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First International Airport in the World Uses Solar Panels

First International Airport in the World Uses Solar Panels

Awareness of environmentally friendly energy use today is increasingly flourishing. Accompanied with the low price of renewable energy sources such as solar panels one of which also contribute to the renewable energy campaign. Example one concrete step movement use of renewable energy sources conducted by Cochin International Airport in southern India. Seventh busiest airport in India was crowned as the first international airport which is 100% of its electricity needs met by solar panels.

To meet the electricity needs of the airport, the airport management pointed to a German company, Bosch, to build a solar power plant on vacant land measuring 45 acres located near the international cargo terminal of the airport. With a total of approximately 10,000 solar panels are used, this self-contained power plant capable of supplying 48,000 to 50,000 kilowatts of electricity to meet the electricity needs of the airport each day. Even the amount of energy is still surplus and still able to support the needs of the electricity network in the area around the airport.

Construction of solar power plants this independent cost US $ 9.3 million, equivalent to 121 billion rupiah. With the cost of the airport management hoped would never buy electricity from its India up to six years into the future. In addition, the solar power plants contributed to reducing carbon dioxide emissions of 300,000 metric tons of coal-fired power plants of up to twenty-five years into the future.

Researchers Study Making Artificial Sun.

matahari buatan

Scientists believe that it could create an artificial sun, as a substitute solar power to illuminate the Earth, disclose it and sure can convert sunlight into laser.

Currently, scientists are building a suspected satellite designed to take the sun, and gather to convert. Once the conversion is done, then the beam will be re-fired it into energy or laser beams to Earth.

On satellites built by the scientists, sunlight is collected via a mirror which is then converted into a laser beam. System of semi-conductor devices embedded in the body of the satellite, then worked for the laser fire to Earth. Read more

Use Environmentally Friendly Power Source, Save The Earth!

solar cell

solar cell

Currently humans have to think to use alternative energy , such as solar power , wind power, biomass power, geothermal power, and other reserves as the depletion of natural resources, especially petroleum . The one that is now so much choice is solar power .

Since the last few decades, solar energy has been used in various countries. If properly exploited, solar energy predicted to provide the needs of the world’s energy consumption. Solar energy has its advantages, which can be used free of nature, as well as CO2-free making it environmentally friendly. With a tropical climate conditions sunlight throughout the year, Indonesia also has the potential to generate significant solar energy. Read more