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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Being Comes First Mobile Gorilla Glass Protector 4



Corning has formally introduced the protective glass Gorilla Glass 4 in the last month. And it did not take long for the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer like Samsung to be the first to use the protective glass. And the world’s first mobile phone that uses Gorilla Glass 4 is the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.


Corning also revealed that the presence of Gorilla Glass 4 today as the most powerful protective glass today. Especially before bring it to market, the Corning has tested hundreds of times. And from there, they also understand how the mechanism of a protective glass that is damaged.

And with the protection of the Gorilla Glass 4, the smartphone Samsung Galaxy Alpha was becoming increasingly tough. Moreover, this phone comes with menggunakna frames made of metal. But unlike the Galaxy A series, this phone still uses a removable back cover is made of plastic.