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Tips to improve the productivity of your sales reps

The job of the sales representatives is very difficult as they have to constantly interact with the clients, maintain the contact history, reply to their emails, schedule meetings, and manage the accounts.  All these manual tasks not only leave them little time for anything else, but also results in a huge impact on the productivity of the company. Here are some useful tips for any sales manager that will help to improve the productivity of the sales representatives and thereby increase sales.

Equip them with the latest technology

The productivity and growth of any company is largely dependent on the accuracy and the completeness of the CRM. When you do it manually, it is naturally prone to some human errors. So it is important for the sales reps to have access to special sales management software to make it easy for them to maintain the CRM.

Training on marketing strategies

Like any other field, the marketing industry is also evolving with new trends. It is always a good idea to get your sales rep trained on some of the important marketing strategies you want them to use. Although it will keep them away from doing their routine tasks for a while, it will pay in the long term by aiding in increasing sales.

Virtual sales meetings

Meeting with your sales reps once in a week would help in knowingthe status of their work and also understand the updated numbers on the revenue. But have you ever realized that this is not going to help in improving the productivity anyway and it is only killing their valuable time? In some big organizations, the sales reps are spending more time in the meetings with their organizations heads than with the customers. This could be easily avoided by holding a virtual meeting or simply sending out quick notes over email as it will save everyone’s time.

Analyzing the team

A good manager should understand his team like no-one else. Walk in their shoes to find out the challenges that they are facing in dealing with the clients, or finding a lead. Analyzing the performance of every individual and motivating them is very important.

Initiate an Internet Marketing Program

The most challenging task for the sales manager is to make his team find more leads and keep them busy round the clock. Initiating a marketing program through social media like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn helps in finding more leads.

Most importantly, equipping the team with the right software is very crucial for improving the productivity. Floating Apps would be your best bet if you are looking for an affordable cloud-based sales management software. The AutoMagicSync app does a cross check every 15 minutes and picks up the contacts that are there in the Google Contact list and missing in Salesforce and automatically updates them in the existing contacts or creates a new account and adds them. It eliminates the chances of duplicates completely and also does an excellent job in managing the calendar and the emails. It will automatically check for the emails that are not updated in the Salesforce at regular intervals, add it there and mark it as a ‘completed task’. The Automagic Sync appdoes it all so flawlessly and it is a boon for all the sales management activities.