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Create Your Digital Images to the real world with Robot Line-Us

Creating artwork or digital images are then printed. But it all depends on the quality of the printer, ink, and paper, and sometimes the results are not as expected.But all that could change for the better,because now will attend a small robot called Line-us.Then,what is the greatness of this little robot?

Line-us is a robot with arms that can hold a pen / pencil.Since it was accompanied by an application and Internet connectivity, Line-us will be able to follow the strokes that you make use of a stylus, finger, or mouse, which means that when you draw on the screen (or tablet),the robot will follow your movements in real-time and create whatever you’re doing right then and there.

This little robot is also able to use all kinds of pens, markers, and pencils, which means that this printer is more authentic as opposed to just relying spraying printer ink on the paper.Line-us is a pretty interesting project and the project is currently running a campaign on the site Kickstarter to raise funds. If you are interested in this project,can go directly to the Kickstarter page to find out the details of this unique project.

Jia Jia, Beautiful Robot from China

Jia Jia

Experts always innovating technology to create sophisticated robots that can help ease the life of man. Experts continue to develop robot technology, an early form of very rigid and sturdy robot, the robot can now increasingly resemble humans.

Robotics engineer team from the University of Science and Technology of China made a robot that just like humans, the robot named Jia Jia. The robot appeared and attracted attention in a prominent event in Shanghai, China. His appearance was beautiful, charming, and adept at speaking. Jia Jia also can catapult praise to others. Many people think that this robot is a man because he looks as if exhale. Read more

Robot Chameleon is camouflaged like a chameleon Indeed

Robot Bunglon ini Berkamuflase Seperti Bunglon Sesungguhnya

Sure military world is in need of technology that can make them invisible. Technology like this is in the development stage and answer that allows to realize it is a nano-technology. The robe has a total thickness of only 80 nanometers. Composed of magnesium fluoride coating of 50 nano meters, the surface is covered by nanoantena made of very thin gold block 30 nano meters thick and have a variety of sizes. Nanoantena is used to bend the light, so that objects that are covered by this cloak will not be visible. This robe can adjust to the environment. That is just one of the nanotechnology developed for military purposes incognito.

Nanotechnology both created for the purpose of the military is a robot chameleon disguises. The chameleon skin color trying to adjust the color in the environment. Technology like this can be used by the military to disguise with their surroundings. This discovery will continue to be developed, so that one day can be fused perfectly to the surrounding environment. Nanotechnology could one day be blended at vest military defense.

The chameleon robot can produce a color change by utilizing the interaction between nano-scale structures in the electric field. The skin of the robot consists of sheets of glass edge of each sheet of glass there are some holes. Each hole has a diameter of 50 nm, and in it is inserted gold nano. When light hits the gold nano structure, it will make little bumpy electrons, determines how much light is reflected, how much is absorbed, causing the sheets of glass become discolored. But the lack of a robotic chameleon that can only detect basic colors like red, green, and blue, because of the limited ability of current sensors for detecting color. Read more

Robot Helps Passengers at Airports

Robot Membantu Penumpang di Bandara

A robot maid passengers at airports being prepared at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. Robot whose development is funded by the European Commission and created by a collaboration between researchers and business people from five European countries it serves to help every passenger to find his way in the airport area. This robot is designed to be able to map their surroundings, such as detecting glass, trolleys, as well as the traffic of people changing.

This robot is part of a Spencer project that was designed specifically to serve passengers at airports. This robot will be tested for the first time on 30 November 2015 which was held at Schiphol Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports. Testing the robot is planned to take a week for better environmental adaptation.

This robot is equipped with a digital navigation maps and a laser beam is used to measure the distance to a variety of barriers to the right. Laser irradiation is recorded to determine any obstacles encountered, whether permanent or temporary. According Archim Lelienthal, professor of computer science and leader of the research project from Orebro University, this robot will initially be focused to detect a permanent barrier and then improved its ability to detect semi-permanent barrier. Read more

Technologically Advanced Surveillance Robots

Robot Pengintai Berteknologi Canggih

Sand Flea is a modern high-tech surveillance robot that is created to assist and equip the US Army in order to obtain information about the enemy. At a glance it looks like a toy robot usual but my friend will definitely be amazed with the action and capabilities of this robot.

Sand Flea robot called “Sand Flea” was created by a leading company in the field of device simulation technology known as Dynamic namaBoston, but with a weight of 4.9 kg Sand Flea robot is able to jump as high as 30 feet or +/- 10 meters into the air.

According to the Boston Dynamic as the maker or manufacturer of these robots, look for a detailed information about the enemy is a difficult thing to do given the risks to be faced so great. This makes Boston Dynamic create a robot as an alternative that can facilitate the soldiers in this case US troops are famous fierce and unyielding on the battlefield. Read more

Developments in the World Robot

perkembangan robot didunia

Surely you already know the name of the robot. The robot is a mechanical device that can perform physical tasks, whether anyone is using the supervision and control of human or programs which have been made previously or commonly referred to as artificial intelligence. The robot is usually used in the industry which is usually assigned to work hard, dangerous and demanding job working fast. To industrial robots used in industry because it is more efficient and to minimize production costs. But in recent decades the robot began to enter the arena in the field of entertainment and household tools. Robot created by the creator first by trying to imitate the style of animals and humans. Robot scientists found that it is very difficult and requires power calculation more, so the development of the change to the other research.

Developments in the world this robot begins to develop, one country that stands out is the Japanese state is with robotics. Japanese robot has existed in the Edo period, namely the presence of a mechanical doll, which was known as Karakuri Ningyo. Robot in Japan really – really serious in its development, and at the time of Japan is a country that has always had innovation – innovation that is very new on robot technology. Examples of popular Japanese robot is a robot Asimo is a humanoid robot created by Honda Motor Company company. This ASIMO robot astronaut shaped small carrying bag and can walk with the legs.

Japan again -lagi not stop in creating a robot that is as well known as robot Asimo is a humanoid robot that robot Actroid this robot can mimic human expressions are the same as human beings. There are other technical problems that hinder the development of robots that komplektivitas handling physical objects in a natural environment that is still a mess. Vision sensors are tactile sensors and a better algorithm may be able to resolve this issue. Online Robot tested is a good example of robot development. In addition to the State japan many countries – other countries like Europe and America who compete to create the robot of which is a robot car without a steering wheel. Read more

Create Robot Framework for soldiers

Ciptakan Rangka Robot untuk Prajuritnya

The development of computing technology and robotics turns direct effect on the development of military technology. The use of drones and military robots has now become commonplace and have been used by a superpower like the United States.

As if not to be outdone, the Russian military was reportedly floated a robot frame technology (exoskeleton) that can be used soldiers. Uniquely, the exoskeleton can be controlled using its mind.

Not only that, the exoskeleton is claimed to improve dramatically the combat soldier, and make soldiers can lift loads up to more than 270 kilograms per person. The technology they named neuroelectronic interface, which allows users exoskeleton can control the device through the mind, so that the movement becomes more responsive. Read more

This Robot Capable Build Houses

Robot Ini Mampu Bangun Rumah

A technology researcher, said it had succeeded in developing a robot known as Hadrian. The robot is claimed to be able to do the work home builders, many times faster.

Robots were introduced with the name Hadrian, was able to build a brick lay 1,000 pieces in one hour for the foundation wall. So, if calculated over 24 hours in a day, the possibility of the construction of the house can be made within approximately two days.

The ability of robots made by the researchers, also claimed to be able to build as many as 150 homes per year. Read more

Robot Invented To Overcome Disasters Radiation

Robot yang Diciptakan Untuk Mengatasi Bencana Radiasi

In the midst of the nuclear crisis in Japan, robots and ready sophisticated gear marched against radiation. Some robots specially imported from Australia, the United States and France in order to overcome problems related to the reactor in Fukushima.

1. Monirobo (Monitoring Robot)
Monirobo designed to work in environments with radiation levels that are too high for humans. Weighing 600 kg robot has a manipulator arm to remove obstacles and take samples. In addition, the robot is also equipped with radiation detectors, cameras 3-dimensional, as well as temperature and humidity sensors. 1.5 meter tall robot was developed by the Japan Nuclear Technology Safety Center and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan after the Tokaimura nuclear accident in 1999. Capable of moving at a speed of 2.4 km / h, this robot has a protective anti-radiation necessary to protect the sensor and its electronic equipment.

2. Rainbow 5
This robot is the first robot production Tokyo Fire Department. Introduced in 1986, this robot is actually a robot and used water hoses when the fire situation is too dangerous for humans. This robot helps spraying water with a hose as long as 800 meters straight into the spent fuel pool at reactor number 3 for 13 hours.

3. 510 710 Packbots and Warriors
Both robots were developed by iRobot Corporation of Bedford, Massachusetts. This robot can move more swiftly than Monirobo. Both were able to climb the stairs, even Warrior able to pull the hose. The two robots weakness is not having a protective layer of radiation. Read more

IPhone Controlled Robot Technology

Teknologi Robot Dikendalikan iPhoneMaybe we often read about the various uses iPhone, among others, can be used as a television remote, or robot controller. However, what happens if the robot is large enough with a 13 feet high.

Of Tokyo launches robot named Kurata, the robot as high as 13 feet and weighing 4 tons of this can be controlled in two ways: the operator enters the body or the robot can be controlled from the outside with the iPhone.

Hand guns can be fired 6000 BB bullets in a minute, remember the camera features the user can detect a smile and took pictures. This robot operator detects a smile, instead of shooting, the robot is going to eject the bullet (which of course is not dangerous), it seems you have to hold back a smile. Read more

Robot Ever Invented

Robot yang Pernah Diciptakan

The development of robot technology increasingly amazing. No wonder if some of today’s robots can act like a human.

Today’s advanced robot developed in countries such as the technology center United States and Japan. Some are designed to assist daily tasks, some are even made specifically to be a friend of human life.

Here’s a list of some of the robots that are categorized as the smartest :

TOPIO is a humanoid robot designed to become an athlete ping pong nan reliable. Yes, this Japanese robot opponent can be quite heavy at foosball table.

TOPIO extension itself is TOSY Playing Ping Pong Robot. TOPIO does have a fairly advanced artificial intelligence so that it can increase the skill to keep playing ping pong. Read more

Robot Lively Conqueror “Cheetah”

WildCat, Robot Lincah Penakluk

Last year, a new robot designed to mimic the movement and speed of the cheetah, some of us definitely amazed by the ability of the machine to chase and dodge at a speed of nearly 30 mph.

However, when it created a robot that still need to be connected by cables so that the operator who also had a little difficulty moving.

Has released “WildCat”, the sequel of the robot Cheetah. Currently the new speed reached 16 mph, but the advantage is the robot can be controlled completely with a wireless LAN. Read more