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The World’s First Multisport Biometric Headphones from KUAI is Available at KickStarter

The modern technology has never failed to amaze us. There are new revolutionary products being invented every day, most of them are essentially designed to help accommodate the need of specific things people have in mind. And one of the best sites where you can find some revolutionary products under development is Kickstarter.com. This is a crowd funding website where both inventor and investors can meet each other to bring the prototyped products into a mass production so it could reach wider range of consumer area. And KickStarter.com is also the place chosen by KuaiWear to represent their new prototype of Multisport Biometric Headphones called KUAI.

KUAI has the modern technology planted into its tiny body, which enables it to monitor and record the users’ heart rate, calorie burn, and even speed and distance as they go for a jog or marathon. Along with it’s essential features to control our daily health and fitness state during exercises, the headphone is also planted with various interesting features and services that will make our daily afternoon jogging to be more fun and exciting, such as live voice coaching, MP3 player, customized voice alerts, and many more. Shortly speaking, for everything you possibly needed for a nice gym sessions or jogging, KUAI has it all covered inside.

At Kickstarter.com, KuaiWear has included full introduction to their new products as well as also invitations to anyone whom interested to invest their money for the future product development. Of course, for everyone who make donations and participating on the funding will be eligible to get rewards, that are varies according to the amount of money they invested. The reward itself is varied from as simple as a thankyou letter to free Kuai advanced products worth hundreds or even thousand dollars. It’s good to be a part of something big to come and now it’s your opportunity to be in it with KUAI.

New 6K Video Camcorder is Finally Released

The modern technology has never quit to amaze us with some new revolutionary products and solutions to many of our problems. It bring us closer than before to many things that were only available on TV shows and sci-fi movies. And today, as the result of the advanced modern technology, a camera called Red Epic-M Dragon has giving us the features beyond our expectation. The Red Dragon isn’t like ordinary and conventional camera, it works beyond that. Thanks to its 19MP dragon sensor and other high technology system planted inside.

Red Epic-M Dragon adds the lines of 6K Video camcorders from the market. It is marked as one of the best cameras available today, with outstanding imagery results, both in video mode and still image. Since of its first release during the convention, many experts had tried the gadget and mostly excited with the results it offered. Some even consider it as the best gadget ever created and claimed to be the only camera that able to capture real life into an outstanding video. It able to capture the entire aspect of the image and to make it look real.

And if you are curious to know more about Red Epic-M Dragon as well as other 5k and 6k Resolution Video Cameras, you can visit EPFilms.tv. Here you can find the footage of these rare camera species, which includes the images, photo and video samples taken from these cameras, full description of the gadget, and also complete specifications of the products. If you are one of those camera enthusiasts whom are thirst for everything related to camera devices, you surely won’t miss EpFilms.tv simply because this the place where you can get the most updated information about any new camera release as well as also direct reviews of these products, written by the real experts in the field.