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Typical Signs that it is Time to Replace Your Restaurant POS System

If the current F&B POS system or electronic cash register does not provide you anymore with what you need or is causing some issues because it is outdated, then it is time to scrap them and get yourself a new POS system, especially if you are running a restaurant. What are the signs that tell you it’s time to replace your old POS system?

Sign #1: If the only consistent experiences you have are its technical difficulties – mostly due to outdated software, then you need to replace it.

  • If you are seeing blue screens on your restaurant POS terminal, then it’s a candidate to go to the recycle bin.
  • Regular crashes or instances where you have freezing moments with your POS system.
  • It just is not running well as it once did.
  • Rejects payments or gets delayed.
  • Authorization of payments is hard to obtain.
  • Customer transactions take a long time to complete than it was once before.

It is not advisable to endure or tolerate these glitches as it will not improve. Investing in a new POS technology is better than losing sales – or worse, your business because of bad transactions due to a defective POS system.

Sign #2: Receipt printers of your POS system break down often and always needs to be repaired.

Having frequent occurrences of hardware malfunctions that may seem to be minor like the printers that do not print or the monitors that won’t just switch on indicates that there is a system-wide malfunction. It is strongly advised that purchasing a Restaurant POS system before this occurrence happen will greatly help you as well as prevent your business from suffering some losses because of system failures.

The problem is, if you try to tolerate this problem, you’ll end up losing the business because of a simple equipment failure that could have been avoided. Not only would you lose your business, you also would not be able to handle major problems that comes with a bad system, which is a corrupt database not even if you are very familiar with your existing POS system. You need to ask yourself, are you willing to face these types of problems and take a chance with your defective POS system? Without the help from experts that are able to perform complicated remediation processes, you’re better off buying a replacement.

Even if POS system components can be fixed and replace the defective parts, but does that equal to the lost business that you’ll end up with? It’s just not worth the hassle!

Sign #3: When the business needs more functionality that your old restaurant POS software could not handle.

The food and beverage industry is caught in the middle of a rising competition, ingredient and labor costs, which makes it a must for every restaurant owner to adapt to a full-featured restaurant POS system to help them with the following:

  • Improve check averages
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Leverage the human resources through online orders, mobile devices and through self-service methods
  • Support the use of loyalty programs to help increase customers and to improve customer retention
  • Also give the businesses the chance to reduce food costs with portion controls, tracking of inventory
  • Minimize labor expenditures through employee scheduling and overtime restrictions

If your old restaurant POS system doesn’t have these features, then you better be prepared to brace for a negative impact towards your business.

Sign #4: Out of warranty POS system and the provider is not giving you any support.

As soon as you run out of warranty and you have been trying to get ahold of your POS system provider. What good does that do to your business if you ran into some technical issue, and you get no help from the provider or experts? Are you willing to have all this stress? You are better off with investing on a new restaurant POS system than wait for a miracle to happen.

Although buying a new POS system just for the sake of technology, it’s a frivolous thing to do and a waste of the business money, but if your POS system are displaying these signs mentioned above, then it is time to make that positive leap for a brighter and better future for your business.

Choosing a POS Software in the Singapore Market

Not long ago, using a traditional cash registry and credit card reader was forgivable because there were not much alternatives back then. Plus, people always find it easy to just stick with the way things were. Some just do not want to conform to change, but at this present time, whether they like it or not, they will have to.

The fact is, there are now a lot of options that can replace the current cash registry system, and one of those options might be the perfect one to use for your business. It might probably be cheaper as well. Business owners need to take a look around – they owe it to themselves, in order to be more efficient and succeed in their business because losing out on sales is not an option, definitely not in Singapore!

For those that are not familiar with the point of sales (POS) system, it is actually made up of a standard computer, with its own cash box and a scanner run by a special software that offers retail automation that replaces the traditional cash registry. Whatever type of POS system or terminal that is chosen, POS systems help resolve issues that come up with regards to sales and inventories not adding up. It can also help in automating markdowns and is able to track them with accuracy – ending up eliminating the register receipts headaches!

So if the business owner have more than one branch, the great thing about these POS systems is that the prices and offers are staying the same and consistent. Others also have added features or add-on modules. Other POS systems have additional features such as payroll time clocks and customer preference databases. With these taken into account, the automation system that the POS terminals have made it easy for employees with inventory and register reconciliation, so more time can be spent providing customer service.

To choose which type of system is better for small to medium-sized business owner, it will have to depend on their preferences and needs as well as what features/add-ons they require. Here is a list of different options to consider when in search for the perfect POS system.


This is considered to be the most popular and easiest to manage POS solution. There are a lot of retailers who uses VEND in managing their sales, customers, inventories and loyalty programs or rewards. The VEND solution is compatible with Shopify and Xero (bookkeeping software solution). It has the ability to work with the existing hardware and equipment such as the receipt printers and cash drawers – what is needed is a web browser on the computer, iPad or an Andoid device.

The cost of the VEND is dependent on the size of the package, which is billed annually per outlet, register and a limit of 1000 products and customers, 10 users and an email support.


Another popular POS solution that is FREE and also user-friendly. It features a customizable item library, staff management, business analytics, pricing options and sales reporting that can fit to any businesses. Also supports debit and credit cards on the iOS and any Android devices.


This solution has the option to track sales, customers as well as the inventory in a simple and fast manner. It has three different versions such as the Basic, Pro and Multi-store. The main advantage of using Quickbooks over the rest of them is that is it fully integrated with the GoPayment and the Quickbooks accounting software. The downside of Quickbooks is that it is not applicable to all types of businesses like full-service restaurants and retail stores that have a very basic setup.


This is a cloud-based iPad system which is easy to use and customizable. It can keep tabs on inventories, employee hours and it has the capacity to fully understand the customers in order to help grow the business. Data is always kept secure and is easily accessible no matter where you are at. It can integrate with Paypal and LevelUp and setting up loyalty programs or rewards is easy.


You may have heard of the name. It is a POS system that offers marketing/customer retention features. Furthermore, it also offers Groupon Merchant POS which includes the Groupon Scheduler, Groupon Payments and the Groupon Rewards.

Depending on the choice of point of sales system, it is recommended to do some research, compare their features and capabilities and mind if it is optimized properly according to the needs of the business. Whatever the price or features if offers, it will all boil down to the specific requirement of the business it will be implemented to.