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Hydraulic and Pneumatic Cylinders

Whether you are looking at a modern freeway, a tractor pull, or even a construction site, you would not have much to look at if the magic of the hydraulic cylinder had never come to pass. We owe a great debt of gratitude to the industrial pioneers that made these modern work tools so powerful with a seemingly simple device. Small, light and able to lift tons, these essential tools have changed the way that modern man gets things done.

Today, there is not one product made that is not somehow affected in some way by the hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. They are used in trucking, shipping, air cargo, and even the hand-pallet uses this technology to move stacks of products in the warehouses. These cylinders and the closely-related-product called Short Stroke Linear Actuator are able to respond instantly to command, and move anything as needed.

Let’s look at the typical hydraulic cylinder in action: First of all, these cylinders are made to withstand extreme conditions for obviously good reason. The seals within the cylinder itself must be exact to millionths of an inch. There can be absolutely no leaks. These cylinders and the accompanying pistons are built to exact measurements, and are fitted with multiple seals. After all, should a single-seal-design begin to leak, the load in question would begin to fall, and that could be disastrous for the people nearby. Thus, all quality designs include the fail-safe multiple seals.

A cylinder differs from the actuator in the distance of the throw and lift. This means that if the items to be moved are single and reasonably distant, a cylinder can be designed for this purpose….such as the arm of a backhoe. The actuator is different as it acts as a larger-platformed lift, to raise up and lower larger numbers and area… such as a conveyor belt.

These items are built to withstand extremes, and it is certainly no surprise when an outdoor tractor is left to the winter and summer elements and yet performs right on command. The hydraulic oil that is used is also a protectant in these cylinders against rusting and pitting.

For all of us that enjoy this modern world, we have only to look a short distance to see the impact and importance that the hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders have played in creating all this around us.