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Google Glass Latest Innovations In Technology World

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You ever imagine what it’s like if you have optic artificial intelligence as a personal assistant like Jarvis in the Ironman? Of course it will be very exciting because of the “personal assistant” will help you in every activity, particularly in communicating.

By 2015, Google introduced through one of the founders of Google Glass on a new innovation that will bring people to a new dimension in the world of technology. Google Glass is a smart phone with optical head-mounted display, a technology that can project images allowing users to view it.

Google Glass different ways of working with the workings of smartphones in general are on the market today. During this time you need to look into the smartphone screen to communicate. took this photograph, record or see the GPS, even today on the streets of many people “autism” with his smartphone. The latest technology which is owned by Google Glass helped liberate the hands, eyes, and ears of reliance on the smartphone. Any activity that you do through a smartphone, whether it is called, photograph, recording, browsing, and so can you project directly in front of you through Google Glass. You just need to say “Glass” to perform commands such as photographing, recording, call, see GPS and so on. Read more