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OCR App for Instant Image to Text Conversion

All those modern technological gadgets and apps have common purpose to ease people doing their daily tasks and jobs. The fact is, by utilizing the right technology; it will generate significant efficiency and boost the one’s productivity drastically. Modern technology doesn’t have to be expensive and complicated. Even a simple app like OCR app can significantly contributing in making some tasks easier to be done, especially when it comes about text and data processing.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, a technology designed to extract information and texts from image or still pictures. It plays a huge role in helping many people to copy text directly from pictures without having to write it all over again from scratch. This surely saves much of their time and effort in retrieving the needed information from any pictures that contains written texts on it. So, just whenever you need to copy or reduplicate a text from picture or printed document, you can simply scan it via OCR app and it will do the trick.

And now iOS gadget users can enjoy good relief knowing that the no. 1 OCR app for Android, OCR Instantly is now also available for them to download. As it compatible to iOS platform, that means the app is now can be installed and operated via iPhone or iPad according to your liking. And unlike most other OCR App available in the market, the OCR Instantly allows the user to convert image into editable text content offline. There is no need to submit or upload the document to online server first, so anyone can do the conversion almost anywhere and anytime, with and without the internet connection.

OCR Instantly is now downloadable on iTunes giving more freedoms for all iOS users to find and install this amazing app on the go. The creator, Chun Yeen Mok had stated that the app is guaranteed to be compatible with iOS 8.0 or later with new updates and improvements will be made in the future.