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Mobile Era Started 40 Years Ago

Era Handphone Dimulai 40 Tahun Lalu

Forty years ago, on 3 April 1973, the era of mobile (phone) starts in the streets of New York City. The historic first phone call made by the director of the operating system for corporate communications division.

In 1973, there were no cordless phone or cell phone.

In a release in 1973, “mobile radio telephone” named Dyna-Tac-called can be operated with the radio frequency and talking on a telephone connection (conventional) anywhere in the world.

That means that in a city that has a system Dyna-Tac, people can call while driving a taxi, walk down the street, sitting in a restaurant or anywhere else that can reach a radio signal. Read more

Provide Extra Mobile Security and Protection with Spyera

In recent years, mobile phone is not only used as a communication device. Mobile phone technology has been developed so well to help business people do their job easier with a lot of mobile business applications. With IT technology progressions, business people can order for custom mobile application that meets their needs. The problem is IT professional only able to create the application. Soon, they will lose control of managing their application for the user, whereas it is important to monitoring the application’s work.

Mobile application monitoring activity is needed to ensure optimal result for business owner. For that reason, you need Spyera to help you conduct 24/7 mobile monitoring. By utilizing the mobile monitoring software like Spyera, one will be able to track and monitor the movement and activities done with the mobile phones. The area of utilization of this software is so wide that it could be applied for businesses to monitor their property or even to help parents to provide full monitoring toward their kids. The services that offered from Spyera mobile monitoring includes the GPS tracking, live call listening and recording, spying on messenger, SMS duplicating, email rendering, and many more. Simply said that anything done with the mobile phone, Spyera will record and spy on it based on the users’ preferences.

We all know how internet is a risky place for kids and teenagers. Anyone can easily to get connected to them via their phone and parents will have no idea what’s going on under their nose. With the help of Spyera, parents will be able to provide extra security to their beloved kids without having to make them feel uncomfortable.

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