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Mobile App Testing Services: Best Practices for Mobile Applications QA

Nowadays, expectations of app users are higher towards mobile applications rather than for desktop apps. Users of mobile devices do not feel like forgiving the existence of bugs in their app or it slow performance. In order to have as many customers as possible and retain them mobile app developers must provide easy-to-use and bug free application that is downloaded on the fly and flawlessly moves between the screens.

Mobile app testing services are very popular among the various strata of society. These are provided to ensure the quality of the app by testing it on real devices.

Thus, how to improve the performance of mobile apps and hence retain the users?

Devices are known to behave in a different manner, depending on OS and resolutions. When you test your apps do not forget about the abundance of operating systems, mobile devices and resolutions. You can find these tools on Internet and charge them for an hour so that to test your mobile applications on real devices.

There must be thoughts of real situations in the world during development of your mobile app. As a matter of fact, the conditions for using application cannot be always perfect. Your app can be locked up or interfered with by sunlight, emails, sms, cell calls if it is unable to handle these correctly.

Remember about your battery. When testing your app automatically you are unlikely to identify the reason why your app is draining the battery. This could prevent the user from purchasing the app therefore you should keep it in memory across various devices.

Mobile app testing service is intended to cover the full app lifecycle from development to deployment by managing the whole testing process and quality assurance.    

The testing must be automated only when it is easy to predict the results and when there is frequent testing of test cases. The best thing is to combine both manual and automated types of testing. The automated testing is to be performed on all possible OS’s and devices including older models.

It is better to do QA on 2G / 3G / 4G as well as Wi-Fi to lower network bandwidth restraints.

The data amount that your application needs during installation and usage may have great impact on the client’s desire to download and use it.

When resorting to mobile application testing service you, as end-user, can know whether your mobile app has positive user experience while you use it.

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