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1. Table Future
Rumors of the appearance of holographic TV technology. Microsoft made a breakthrough with a technology called Microsoft Surface, where a combination of desks, computers, cameras, and touch sensivity size of which allows users to interact for a variety of activities.
On a large table that uses a 40-inch LCD touch screen, Microsoft put a smartphone on the screen, Surface will instantly recognize the device and displays information about the device and allows to choose a different model.

2. Most Advanced Keyboard
Latest Computer Most Advanced Keyboard – New information technology enthusiast to you this time have been present the latest and most sophisticated computer keyboard.
Manufacturer: Logitech – Logitech G15 Keyboard Name
Pros: Software SDK allows extensive customization of keyboard functions.

3. Quantum Teleporter
Q-teleportation has been successful on smaller objects based on research that has been done. In the Q-teleportation, quantum object is destroyed and recreated. Therefore, Q-teleportation can not move objects animate and inanimate physical overall. This tool “creates” a replica of the previous object at the position in other places and objects previously would “disappear” during the replicas were created. Read more