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Prediction Technology in 2017



2016 has passed, we now face in 2017. Although the years have changed the development of technology never stops, continues to grow not know the time. The technology is known to be very dynamic and full of innovation.

A number of technologies managed to record achievement in 2016, either hardware, software, or ecosystems. In 2017, it was also confirmed to be present a number of the latest technology. What technology is predicted to be the trend in 2017, the following predictions:

1. Integration of Digital and Physical
Mobile devices now can not be separated from everyday life. Now, smartphones and various applications have become the access to all the needs of its users. One that is quite noticeable is the field of e-Commerce. With the number of smartphone users now rely on their daily needs through the digital system, integration between physical and digital services will be increasingly visible in 2017.

Some online companies, are also likely to provide more physical products, so as to offer a better experience. A similar move was also made by a number of conventional company began to present itself as a digital (online presence). Read more

The development of Internet technology

Perkembangan Teknologi Internet

The computer network is multiple computers connected to each other by using a wired computer in one location in order to exchange information and data with other computer users. Internet begins in 1969, when the united states department of defense, or more commonly called known as DARPA (Defense Advanced Reserch Project Agency) conducted research on how to connect a computer to another so as to form a network.

The existence of a research program and continues called ARPANET. 1 year continues later this study yielded good results with more than ten computers successfully connected to each other so that they can interact and form networks. This research continues to grow rapidly so as ARPANET in 1972 successfully completed the program called email created by Roy Tomlinson for ARPANET. With the results of these this email program, a computer – interconnected computers can send messages among computer to another. This email is easy to be immediately popular. In the same year the icon “@” was also introduced as an important symbol that means “at” or “on”. The ARPANET computer network continues to be developed outside the United States, namely in 1973 and University College in London is the first computer that is a member of the existing ARPANET outside the United States. Two computer experts that Vinton Cert and Bob Kahn in the same year created a very big idea tang became the forerunner of the Internet. The thoughts presented the first time at Sussex University.

In 1981 France Telecom using ARPANET managed to create a buzz remarkable that by launching the first television telephone in the world where someone can call each other while associated with the video link. Computer networks become more and more progress more rapidly, it needed a formal protocol that is recognized by all networks. To homogenize the address with your network, then in 1984 introduced changes to the domain name system that we know today by the name of DNS (Domain Name System). Read more

Web Design Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Finding the best website design company is a bit challenging today especially with the fierce competition on both online and offline market. Most of these companies are claiming to be better than others. We shouldn’t get easily tricked by their commercial statements and consider taking series observations or research over their services. Ask people whom ever experiencing their services for reviews or even recommendations to others whom they know it better.

And internet isn’t only a good source for beginner web owner to get access to certain web design companies, but also advanced webmasters may utilize it to find some references to various new web design ideas. We all know how it is a great deal to come up with some fresh design website layouts, and thanks to internet as now you’ll never running out of some new ideas by exploring these websites for some design layout portfolio samples.

You may browse internet for some good samples of web layout or templates, according to the CMS you’d likely to use. And for sample images of various artistic work you might need it for fresh ideas and inspirations, DeviantArt is can be a good source for it. Just explore the pages for some beauty arts and images you can use for either banner or logo of your company.

The best thing is that many of these sites are offering the web design ideas for free. These are only ideas so you have to work yourself on the codes or applications you’d likely to run on your site. Just make sure you don’t fully duplicate their design to keep your site unique.

Uniqueness of your site plays a great role on your site’s development. The more unique it is, your site will appear stand out in search engine. This also gives extra point to your site which will make it more visible to the potential buyers or readers. And if this is the first time of you dealing with all these things, you can actually avoid all the hassles and frustrations by hiring the professional web designer to help you build a nice and unique website as well as to develop it to the best.