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The future of intelligence technology

intelegensi teknologi

1. Future Technology Intelligence.

Technological developments influence on human development, because of technological developments can determine the development of civilization of a society in a particular area. Not uncommon for people to judge a country by looking at the development of technology. Since most only developed countries with stable income who can do the research and discovery to advance the development of the technology. For that we need to learn more about science and technology, so we will not be said as a person who does not understand the technology to face the future.

2. Benefits intelligence technology in everyday life.

Talking about the Intelligent Technology today might not be there completed. Lots of sophisticated inventions that are beneficial to assist human activity in daily life. Some small examples today can already feel the benefits of existing technology intelligence. For example, in phone or often referred to as HP, before HP is found, a letter is the primary means used for long distance communication. Although take quite a long time because the delivery process takes a long time. But then changed after we use the telephone.

Intelligence technology that today we feel not just in the field of communication there are also in the field of information. Along with the development, when the Internet became the primary choice to be the boast of information. Read more