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Projectors World-Class Technology


Projectors is the best projector offering. This projector comes with technologies featured in it. And already equipped with world-class features and technology, to support the display image on the projection screen results. Projectors is categorized projector portable, is a projector that can be used without prior installation

The features and world-class technology that is already embedded in the projector, as follows:

1. Screen Fit
These features allow you to be more focused in the presentation begins, with this feature without wasting time while setting the  projector. At the Screen Fit feature to automatically adjust the projector that will adjust the image size on the screen, in order to have the same size and do not pass through the frame projector screen. The workings of the automatic settings, simply by pressing the Screen Fit is already available. Read more

Scientists Design Ranch Digital Future

teknologi perternakan

Continues to strengthen its position as a leader in managing the livestock sector. Scientists in the future to build a plant at the site of the experiment.

This farm uses technology to monitor the condition of livestock and pasture for grazing remotely.

Research Scientist farm’s future use around livestock weighing systems, sensors and pasture land as well as a weather station. Read more

Pen Future with Technology Without Ink

teknologi pulpen

Pen and ink, it could be two things that can not be separated in terms of the conventional concept of stationery. But in a revolution, it turns out the existence of a pen can also be used as stationery, even without the aid of ink, the following more details.

A pen or modern stationery recently introduced a unique concept. With a touch of Hi Tech, this tool can be used to mark paper, such as a pen inked in general. And another great, different from the traditional concept of a pen, this pen can be used indefinitely, unless damaged. And even this revolutionary product named 4ever Pininfarina Cambiano pen.

It is made of wood and aluminum with a design that is inspired by the concept of premium classic cars. Was created with the concept of luxury, there is an elegant line that makes this pen has Cambiano style. Read more

Magnetic technology Multi Elevator


Elevator design in the coming years will have an interesting shape. Elevator not only be able to move vertically, but also horizontally at the same time. This was disclosed by a company named introducing elevator design.

The elevators are designed to use wirelessly. Instead, the elevator comes with a magnetic linear motor technology that enables it to move to the horizontal or vertical direction. By doing so, the presence of these elevators could give more space to the building owners.

The company also guarantees you will not wait more than 30 seconds lift. The elevator moved using a magnetic force. Read more

Future Super Sophisticated technology


1. Size of Intelligent Machines Atom, Nanotechnology

Creation of Nano technology is the future of any technology that allows humans to manipulate tiny particles that magnitude almost super-sized atom! Nano meter itself is the size of 1 meter, or almost 50,000 the thickness of a hair cut. That is the magnitude of nanotechnologies.

The goal is to create new materials future, even the machines and robots the size of the particles. Materials that will be much stronger than diamond, super lightweight, heat resistant and cold with extreme scale, able to conduct electricity better, more durable, environmentally friendly and so on.

Application possibilities really devastating and will change the whole world. Imagine if we could create a new material that is harder than diamond, and much lighter than steel. (Carbon nanotubes, sp2 bond). We can create super strong framework for cars, airplanes, or buildings and bridges. With lighter weight, all the cars and planes will also be more energy efficient. Read more

Humans Can Discover Alien Through Technology

menemukan alien

Scientists say that humans would find alien at 10 to 20 years into the future. The statement revealed by scientists in a recent interview.

The scientists say, humans do not live alone in this universe. Researchers believe people will find alien life on one or two decades to come.

Will know where to look, we know how to see it, and in many cases have the technology. Alien is not a large-sized creatures, attacking the earth as depicted in the film. Read more

Latest Technology

teknologi baru

1. Table Future
Rumors of the appearance of holographic TV technology. Microsoft made a breakthrough with a technology called Microsoft Surface, where a combination of desks, computers, cameras, and touch sensivity size of which allows users to interact for a variety of activities.
On a large table that uses a 40-inch LCD touch screen, Microsoft put a smartphone on the screen, Surface will instantly recognize the device and displays information about the device and allows to choose a different model.

2. Most Advanced Keyboard
Latest Computer Most Advanced Keyboard – New information technology enthusiast to you this time have been present the latest and most sophisticated computer keyboard.
Manufacturer: Logitech – Logitech G15 Keyboard Name
Pros: Software SDK allows extensive customization of keyboard functions.

3. Quantum Teleporter
Q-teleportation has been successful on smaller objects based on research that has been done. In the Q-teleportation, quantum object is destroyed and recreated. Therefore, Q-teleportation can not move objects animate and inanimate physical overall. This tool “creates” a replica of the previous object at the position in other places and objects previously would “disappear” during the replicas were created. Read more

How to Safely Using the Internet

aman internet

Surfing the virtual world is not forever be, could be detrimental. Start hacking email, Facebook, or steal money via credit card.

Here are ways to safely keep everything, including personal data:

1. The first is, to protect the password. Security and confidentiality maintained absolute passwords so that not everyone knows. Moreover, to leak into the unknown. The classic way is to use a password that is not easily guessed by others.

Read more