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What security services do small businesses need?

IT security is one of the essential factors for small businesses. Any device that you connect to the internet, which would me most if not all, are vulnerable to outside hacking and breaches that be very destructive to the technology of the business and the business as a whole, including the reputation if data such as customer details are stolen.

A larger business can afford to have an expensive IT support system implemented to counter any threats, and will therefore be able to get back up and running at a faster rate. Smaller business can find themselves less prepared for a similar threat and it can be crippling, and difficult to recover from an attack if the vital procedures are not already in place.

With a smaller amount of resources at their disposal, smaller businesses may be inclined to seek out the cheapest option around when obtaining IT services, but it should be obvious what can happen when you go with the cheaper option. You can of course, get stung. Taking shortcuts simply does not benefit businesses and this especially true when it comes to IT security. If your business is built and structured on a network system of computers, then it is probably the most critical and important part of the company, and the security of that system should be the highest priority.

A small business should treat the IT security process in the same way they would with any other critical package, and must look at their requirements, questioning precisely what is at risk before determining what cover is required.

Different IT service providers around London offer a variety of security options in their packages. These can be focusing on a particular aspect of the IT service or concentrating on the structure as a whole. We know these options do depend on the available funds though, and as well as the nature of the business, of which some might not rely so heavily on IT services.

IT security can look overwhelming at first, but by making use of our solutions and in-depth knowledge of IT services, all the confusion about your business can be avoided.

With the ever growing use of mobile devices, social networks, cloud-based applications and intrusions, securing your business’ vital assets is critical. Besides deliberate outside attacks, your own employees may unwittingly threaten your network by opening email-borne viruses, running bandwidth-hungry applications or accessing the wrong websites.

Since 1999 we have been providing IT solutions to the UK and European business market.  In a competitive market we acknowledge the fact that businesses such as ours can only be successful by developing and retaining existing clients.

“We offer of these high service levels and technical expertise to any prospective businesses looking for a solution provider and a supplier that genuinely adds value in knowledge and commitment to the customer.” – Alex Brown, managing director.

IT security can appear overwhelming, with terms like DDoS Mitigation, Firewalls and two-factor authentication easily tripping up those not in the know. By making use of IT service providers and their in-depth knowledge of the sector, all the confusion can be avoided, with specialised software taking control of the day-to-day IT maintenance, and highly trained professionals able to assist with any other requirements or problems.

IT is such an essential part of any modern business, and the need for fully formed IT security procedures is greater than ever before. The potential dangers of not covering your businesses IT from security attacks greatly outweighs any financial issues, and not being familiar with the market is not an excuse. In reality, there is no reason not to make your businesses IT services as secure as possible, as it will ensure the safety of your business for years to come.

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