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Choosing the Right Web Hosting Service

If you have decided to start your own website, and you need more than a blog on WordPress or Tumblr, then the first big choice you have to make is which one of the many hosting services is right for you.

There are a ton of variables, and no one solution meets everyone’s needs. The service you choose is dependent on your requirements. There is something out there for everyone.

The first question is very simple: How tech savvy are you? If you already know how to code or have a department in your business dedicated to the task, then you’ll be fine. However, if you think “HTML” is a kind of infection, then you’re probably going to need extra help.

Look for a hosting service that has a nice site builder. The easier they make it for you to build a website, the better.  While you’re at it, look for different content management systems. A CMS is what’s going to let you upload new material to your site. There are systems like WordPress that will really make it easy for you, and others such as Joombla; whist more flexible, they do require IY knowledge.

It is important to always have the resources you need. While you could pay less than a pound a month for hosting, odds are that these cheap packages do not provide you with the kind of software you are going to need. If a hosting provider makes it easy for you to incorporate a shopping platform or a database then that is probably the best choice.

What should I look for?

Bandwidth is a very common concern when it comes to choosing the right hosting company. Some companies will limit the amount of data you can transfer over the internet, so it’s best to look for a company that offers unlimited data transfers.

Storage is next on the list. How big is your website? If you want to host a small online shop then you don’t need that much space. However, if you really want to use HD video and other heavy assets, you will need a few hundred gigabytes, if not terabytes of data. It is recommended to always get a little more than you actually need, so that if you decide to grow you have enough head room to do so.

Performance is also something to take into account. Most people expect a website to load in about two seconds. If it takes longer than four seconds to load, they are going to leave. For a smaller website, a virtual private server is an easy and affordable solution; it gives you rock solid performance. However, if you already have a huge consumer base, you might want to invest in dedicated hosting, as this will allow you to keep that performance up, regardless of the number of people that visit your site.

Finally, there’s the service agreement. How much uptime does your hosting company guarantee? If your website goes down you could be in trouble, so it’s best to look for a hosting company that guarantees as much uptime as possible. If they don’t have a service agreement, look elsewhere.

Web hosting is a delicate part of your online presence, and you need good service. Choose the company that is right for you and start making your mark on the internet.

How to Launch a New Blog

Launching a new blog isn’t only about registering a catchy domain name and you’re done. It is way more complicated than that. There are many things you have to do after you register a domain. In fact, registering a domain is just a start for the whole new journey you are about to go through.

Right after you registered a domain, the next thing to do is finding a host for your new site or blog. There are plenty of good hosting services you can explore out there. From the famous names to the new ones. Pay attention on the company’s reputation and consider taking quality over pricing. It will be really frustrating if your website often down due to the hosting errors. No matter how cheap it could be, this isn’t an option at all.

So you have found the right hosting and the domain is also ready, now the time has come to choose the content management system to be installed. For some reasons, we’d recommend you to try WordPress. It’s the most popular CMS nowadays along with Blogger from Google. Among many benefits of WordPress you can enjoy is that it has tremendous collections of plugins available in the market, and mostly are free to use. And to mention also millions of templates and themes we can use, both for free and paid.

Depending on how you want to use the blog for, the settings and customization of wordpress may vary between one to another. But as the bottom line, you can try these arrangements like shown at the video below.



The video was created by Blog Writing Services team, dedicated to help beginners in setting up their blog toward the wordpress installation and setup. Follow the instructions given and your blog should be ready within any minute.