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Confirming how today’s technology? A user can govern cell phone iPhone, similar technology from Google. What if there was a technology that could read minds as we speak the language of telepathy?

Leading physicists and scientists of the world famous, is testing innovative tools to make it able to talk through brain waves on a project, the scientists described as the “hack into his brain”.

Has collaborated with scientists who are developing a iBrain, which is a tool for capturing brain waves and communicates via computer. Read more

Add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ Menu

How to Add Google Drive To Windows ‘Send To’ Menu?

Google drive allows you to copy-paste or drag the file or folder you want to move to local Google Drive folder available in the system. Once Google server is connected, this Google Drive for PC is synchronized with the cloud storage location of Google server. How easy it would have been if Windows have the option to add files like we do it with USB drives. Right click and send to USB Pen Drive. Well, it is possible! One more alternative which can be much quicker to perform this method is to add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ menu. This section below will discuss about how to attain this method and add this option of Google Drive to “Send To” option.

Steps for The Procedure

Take care of the fact that you have Google Drive for PC installed in your system. Only then you will be able to add this option of Google Drive to the “Send To” option.

  • Go to Start Menu and type command Run or you can press Windows Key + R in order to open run command.1
  • Here in the Run window, type Shell:sendto and hit Enter. This will open the Send To folder where all the shortcuts for different applications and locations are listed.2
  • Or, you can go to the location; C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo directly by providing this path to Windows Explorer address bar.3
  • Once this location is open, a shortcut for Google Drive can be created. Right-click on this Send-To folder and click on New and select Shortcut.4
  • Another window will open where you can Browse for the location of Google Drive in the system. Click Next to proceed.5
  • Provide a name for this Shortcut, Google Drive is recommended to avoid confusion which is taken by default. Click Finish once you finish the process.6
  • Once the Shortcut is created, you can easily send the files or folders directly using the “Send To” option. Select the files and right-click to it, click on Sent To and select Google Drive as destination location.7Conclusion

    In this way one can easily add Google Drive to Windows ‘Send To’ menu. After performing this very short task, you will not need to copy paste or drag and drop files from your system to local Google Drive folder. You can quickly send the files to this local folder using Send To option. Once you are connected to the Google server, the files will be automatically synched with the server and the files will be saved to Google Drive online.

    Author: As author of MS Outlook ToolsPeter has experience more than 20 years in IT industry and he is now working with an expert data recovery firm. He has quality expertise in the Office products especially in Microsoft Outlook and love to solve users query by providing excellent solutions.

Google Make Cars

google car

When you look at Google automatic car, do you think that the car looks cute and adorable? If yes, it is because Google wants you to think so.

Quoting from reliable sources, Google automatic car is designed in such a way to make it look cute and driver will be careful when driving, according to the author, who had the opportunity to try out a car that can drive itself is.

On that occasion, also asked various things to the Google engineers. According to the technicians, Google automatic car cute design is based on psychology. Read more

Google Glass Latest Innovations In Technology World

glass google

You ever imagine what it’s like if you have optic artificial intelligence as a personal assistant like Jarvis in the Ironman? Of course it will be very exciting because of the “personal assistant” will help you in every activity, particularly in communicating.

By 2015, Google introduced through one of the founders of Google Glass on a new innovation that will bring people to a new dimension in the world of technology. Google Glass is a smart phone with optical head-mounted display, a technology that can project images allowing users to view it.

Google Glass different ways of working with the workings of smartphones in general are on the market today. During this time you need to look into the smartphone screen to communicate. took this photograph, record or see the GPS, even today on the streets of many people “autism” with his smartphone. The latest technology which is owned by Google Glass helped liberate the hands, eyes, and ears of reliance on the smartphone. Any activity that you do through a smartphone, whether it is called, photograph, recording, browsing, and so can you project directly in front of you through Google Glass. You just need to say “Glass” to perform commands such as photographing, recording, call, see GPS and so on. Read more

Google Translate will Can Deciphering Posts in Picture and Auto Detect Conversations in Real Time

google translate

google translate

Google’s translation service capabilities will be increasingly sophisticated. New features are ready to be presented by Google for that product. The newest feature is the ability to interpret the words in real time to the file is an image and the ability to detect and interpret the conversation is being conducted.

google translate.

The ability to interpret the words written in the picture thanks to technology owned by Word Lens. As is known, the application Word Lens is a translation software which is used to interpret the writing on the image. This application is first released for iOS in 2010. And, Google also has formally acquired the World Lens in May 2014 ago.

Read more

Local Search Optimization with Google My Business

Internet offers new opportunity for businesses to market their products and services easily and effectively. We all know how the number of internet users is always growing in every year; it shows how potential the internet world is for these businesses to web some potential buyers for all their services and products. As the result, most of businesses are now deciding to go online.

Google as the leading player in search engine and online advertising industry is there to offer you some marketing programs to keep your business on the line. As you explored the internet for online advertising programs available, any chance you’ll find some about AdWords, AdSense, and Google My Business. And yes, these are programs offered by Google. Many have tried these advertising online methods and found it really effective to boost the sales online.

However, in order to get the most benefits from these programs, your website need to be on the first page of the search engine, specifically Google page. This can be done by conducting series improvements and optimization to your website. It could be a long and tiring process to take your website to the next level, but alternatively you may hire professionals for it.

HWoodMedia.com is one of the SEO companies out there you can call for optimizations on your business’ marketing campaign. They have all the qualifications required to help your business site rank higher in local search. This is the best opportunity for you whom aiming on the local market to sell your products and services. HWoodMedia will help you in conducting Local Search Optimization with Google My Business, including also giving you direct presentation of the expected result, how it will work, and many more. At HwoodMedia you’ll be given access to the experts to improve clickthrough conversion in local search as well as also improve the appearance of your website to make it more search engine friendly.