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Facebook Begins Testing Loyalty Rewards Store Program

One of you must have participated in a program or a loyalty card for a store member.Now it seems Facebook does not want to miss it,which according to a report fromTechCrunch says if Facebook is testing a store loyalty program,where users can scan the personal QRcode found in Facebook applications to print discounts or bonuses when users shop at stores .

According to a statement from Facebook (via Techcrunch),”To helpbusinesses continue to connect with customers wherever they are,we run small tests that allow people to use Facebook applications to collect and redeem rewards when they makepurchases at participating stores.”

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TouchTalent to Share Your Creativity

The internet is giving us new opportunities to show and broadcast our talents for the world to see. No matter what talent you have, either it is painting, sculpting, or even dancing, you can choose between multiple online media to upload and share your talent to others. And if you’re a talented painter or drawer, now the time has come to show the world about what you are capable of, simply by using TouchTalent App.

TouchTalent is a new Android app developed by TouchTalent team to help people share and discover talents from all around the world. You can easily to upload your artworks, it could be photos, digital work, or even scanned pencil drawing, and share the world about what you have. This is a nice, clean, yet powerful app where you can easily to browse over various entries and to use it to any way you like, from sharing it to your facebook network, via whatsapp, as profile picture, and any other ways possible to go.

If you are fans of DeviantArt, you’ll love TouchTalent app. Even more, many users have stated that TouchTalent is so much better than the DeviantArt. It’s quite reasonable considering the fact that TouchTalent has already thousands of users and members always logging in to it all the time. This is the best place you can go to display your artworks and get feedback from the viewers as you go.

And the best thing, TouchTalent is available for free at the Google PlayStore. You can easily to go and download the app right from the PlayStore and get connected to the community almost instantly. The sky is the limit for you to share your creative side to the world. Read the user guidance and ToS first before you start sharing anything just to be sure you won’t violate any rules and terms applied.