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Time Keeping Made Easy

When it comes to running a company, keeping track of your employees’ time is essential. You need to have proof that your staff is being productive and that begins with being on time. You want to be able to pinpoint who is putting in a full day, who is going the extra mile and giving the company extra effort, and where there are trouble spots. Your time clock system is essential in making your records available to you. You need easy access in order to evaluate your employees and make payroll procedures more efficient. With time clock software from TimeClockeShop.com, you can keep everything connected and make your business more efficient.

Tailor Your Software to Meet Your Needs
You can use your software alone when you run a facility that involves office workers. When everyone is working at a desk, they can gain access to the company time clock on their personal computers. It’s an ideal way to clock in and out each day or make requests to take leave. Software can also be combined with a biometric time clock, accumulating all of the information each day when your employees check in and check out. Everything you need is available on the computer. You don’t need to wade through paper or worry about errors. It’s all taken care of in an electronic format.

Have Easy Access to Your Time Records
With software for your time clock, you can access your records anytime, anywhere. Whether you are on a break, taking a business trip, or at home in the evening, your time keeping information is available. Use a mobile device, laptop or personal computer to review your data. You’ll be able to study all of your time records at your leisure, allowing you to get a true picture of your employees’ performance.

Address Your Employees Based on Your Software
With software for time keeping in place, you can use it to create a rewards program for your employees. For those who demonstrate loyalty and have solid attendance, you can consider promotions or other perks. When you see employees who have poor attendance records, you can speak to them about a need for improvement. It’s hard to argue with data that is available in an electronic format, making it possible for you to stay on top of your staff’s time records in an efficient way.

Inspections for Manufacturing Plants and More

Every manufacturing facility and chemical plant in the country must follow the regulations and standards imposed by OSHA, which serves to protect employees working for those companies. Hiring an outside company to inspect the property is a good way to find out if you meet the bare minimum requirements of OSHA or if you need to make some changes to the facility.

Importance of an Inspection

Bumble Bee Foods made headlines in 2015 after one of its employees died on the job. The man, who was inside one of the ovens and cleaning, lost his life after another worker started the oven without realizing he was there. The man responsible for the accident faced criminal charges, and the company itself faced fines of more than $1 million. Any minor violation that leads to the death of an employee or injures a worker can leave your company facing so many fines and criminal charges that your business may never recover.

What Does the Inspection Cover?

When hiring an outside company for an inspection, you want one that offers a non-destructive examination. This ensures that you get a detailed report and that the inspection process will not damage any of the equipment you use or disrupt any of your employees. The inspection will look at all the tools and equipment used in the facility, the quality and assurance of your products and any other factors associated with your business. Though an inspection can be expensive, it costs far less than the fines you might face later.