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What You Should Know Even Further about Data Management

When we are talking about data management then we are talking about all the disciplines that are related to managing all the data as important resources. The definition from data management according to DAMA International is the development and also the execution from architectures, practices, policies and also procedures that are manage properly from the whole data lifecycle need from an enterprise.


Another definition from DAMA-DMBOK about this data management is the execution, development and also the supervision from plans, programs, practices and also policies that will protect, control, enhance and deliver the data value and the information of assets.

The data management itself begun introduced to the world in 1980 as the result of the technology redevelopment. The changing and the development from data management started when we start to move from tape to single disc and now we can store a lot of data in our computer. This data management is very important with the growth of business and if the data was not defined well enough then there will be a miss-used in the application of data management.

There are a lot of topics that are included in this data management and one of it is the database management. Now let’s see about this database management and also the database design in this article.

The Database Management

The database management is very important in running a big company because there are a lot of data that will need to be organized. Why is it very important? Because it has functioned as the storage, analyze and also retrieving data in any company such as accounting or even storing the information of the customer.

Without any accurate database design then it will be impossible to retrieve and do the analysis of the data. You can use excel to make the graphics of the data or charts for the analysis of the data. There are three things or aspects in this database management which are:

  1. Data Maintenance
  2. Database Administration
  3. Database Management System

The Database Design

All data management needs a good database design to save the effort and time when searching the database from the sources. Database design is the database producing process. This database design will need the physical and also logical design choices and also the physical storage parameters in order to generate the data definition language data that can be used in creating a database. The model will contain the attributes detail for each entity.

The term of this database design can be described as many parts of the design from the database system or you can also defined it as the logical design from the structure of the base data that used to keep the data.  The relational model we can see the view and the tables while in the object database you can see that the relationship and the entities map to named relationship and the object classes directly.  But the term of this database design can be used to describe the whole process from designing the base data, forms, and also the queries as the part from the whole application of the database.

What You Should Know About Columnar Database Platform

Database management system is an application or program designed to manage database so that it could retrieved and used, with possibility of accepting new queries in such efficient way. And today, there are several kinds of database management method being applied, mostly divided into two category, row based database management and the column based one. Compared to the previous method, the columnar database offer more benefits and advantages, including extra efficiency in effort and storage space.

Unlike the regular database system which used row based managerial system, the columnar database has greater benefits to offer, such as the improved analytic performance. In modern age nowadays where everything need to be fast and excellent, columnar database system is highly required to accommodate our fast-pace today’s lifestyle. It is also known for the suitability for better compression of space. With columnar system in which it serves multiple strings and indexes at once, this will avoid it from repeated indexing which may slow the performance and also expand the storage usage.

And as with the benefits, there comes also disadvantages of columnar database system you should know about. And these drawbacks are including longer load time due to complexity of conversion to and from columnar system, reduced performance when handling common-sized database, require data compression which may slow down the system, and also there is no one-size-fit-all system in columnar database system.

And despite of all the advantages and disadvantages, the columnar database system is indeed offering simpler method of database managerial. It is easier to understand and open new possibility for advanced database platforms in the future based on this columnar system.

For more information about columnar database including how it works, samples of the database, and also the application of it in the real world, you can simply check the SlideShare.net. Read the content of the slideshow given and get yourself more knowledge about columnar database system.