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Top 3 Data Recovery Methods for Professionals

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As an IT professional, you understand just how important keeping data backed up is. Even after utilizing all available data recovery methods and programs hard drives fail, natural disasters occur, and computer users accidentally delete important files. Because of this, it is important to have data recovery methods in place for when the unthinkable happens. Here are the top 3 methods for data recovery that you can utilize as an IT professional.

1. SpinRite, WinUndelete

If the hard drive failure seems minimal or the data was accidentally deleted, the first and cheapest method of data recovery is software. Using software to attempt data recovery saves you money and time by not having to send the drive off to a data recovery firm. Software such as SpinRite can be utilized when data was lost due to hard drive failure. This software goes through and attempts to repair each and every sector of the hard drive to make your hard drive readable so you can copy the data onto a new drive.

If your data was lost due to accidental deletion, programs such as WinUndelete are able to recover deleted files.


Testdisk is a free DOS and Windows recovery tool that is a good option for minor drive corruptions. It is able to do common data recovery tasks such as fix FAT tables, rebuild the NTFS boot sector, recover deleted partitions, and it is also able to undelete files. It can also be used as a diagnosis tool to check the drive health and errors before deciding to send a hard drive to a data recovery firm.

3. Outside Data Recovery Firm

Should you not be able to recover the drive in-house using software, you would most likely need to send the hard drive to a data recovery firm. This should be the last resort, but in some cases won’t be able to be avoided if your drive is badly damaged. Data recovery experts have specialized equipment and clean rooms, giving them a fairly good overall success rate. For more information and techniques see CyberCall’s Data Recovery (Bristol based company) and their latest blogpost on Essential data recovery tips .

As you can see, there are various methods of data recovery that you can use, and all of these methods come at different costs. Obviously trying to do the data recovery yourself is going to be cheaper than shipping off the drive, but in some cases you will have no choice if the files are badly corrupted.