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The development of Internet technology

Perkembangan Teknologi Internet

The computer network is multiple computers connected to each other by using a wired computer in one location in order to exchange information and data with other computer users. Internet begins in 1969, when the united states department of defense, or more commonly called known as DARPA (Defense Advanced Reserch Project Agency) conducted research on how to connect a computer to another so as to form a network.

The existence of a research program and continues called ARPANET. 1 year continues later this study yielded good results with more than ten computers successfully connected to each other so that they can interact and form networks. This research continues to grow rapidly so as ARPANET in 1972 successfully completed the program called email created by Roy Tomlinson for ARPANET. With the results of these this email program, a computer – interconnected computers can send messages among computer to another. This email is easy to be immediately popular. In the same year the icon “@” was also introduced as an important symbol that means “at” or “on”. The ARPANET computer network continues to be developed outside the United States, namely in 1973 and University College in London is the first computer that is a member of the existing ARPANET outside the United States. Two computer experts that Vinton Cert and Bob Kahn in the same year created a very big idea tang became the forerunner of the Internet. The thoughts presented the first time at Sussex University.

In 1981 France Telecom using ARPANET managed to create a buzz remarkable that by launching the first television telephone in the world where someone can call each other while associated with the video link. Computer networks become more and more progress more rapidly, it needed a formal protocol that is recognized by all networks. To homogenize the address with your network, then in 1984 introduced changes to the domain name system that we know today by the name of DNS (Domain Name System). Read more

Recent discoveries Communication Technology

Penemuan Teknologi Komunikasi Terbaru

In daily life we ??are not going to be released with communication technology. The role of today’s communications technology has been thoroughly into the layers of human life. The role of communications technology is currently very dominant in life. Therefore, the findings of the latest communications technology becomes very important. Here we will present information on the latest communications technology.

The latest communications technology the US military

The latest communications technology utilized in various areas of public life. One of the benefits of communications technology could be applied in national defense or military weapon. Utilization is for example done by Americans. Recently, a company release to the media OLED display technology. The company is developing a universal media OLED displays for military use in the United States. The company introduced a flexible OLED display that can be installed on the part of the army.

The display can be mounted on a soldier’s arm with a metal foil which makes it more flexible so that the device can be attached to either the sleeve is not even affected user’s hand movements. The display screen is the utilization of the latest communications technology. The display screen has a width of 4.3 inches with a resolution of VGA full color and with full motion and the ability to be seen clearly even if exposed to direct sunlight. This display is a prototype of the company’s effort universal display for American soldiers. In fact, this tool has been included in the list of the most advanced devices for the American soldiers. Read more

VoIP System for Reliable and Affordable Phone Solution

Voice over IP or VoIP is made to give excellent voice communication. As we all know. Until nowadays, high quality communication is still so expensive. The price we have to pay for communication can be very illogical when we are making an international call. With VoIP, making a communication can be so cheap, but we don’t have to worry about the quality.

Before the invention of VoIP and it’s usage publicly worldwide, we used to rely on only PSTN device. In this traditional communication system, time is money. We definitely know how PSTN communication an expensive communication. On the other side, if we are using VoIP, the only cost we have to pay is internet cost. One of the best benefits that we can get from VoIP is fixed price. Based on a study, with VoIP, we will be able to save 40% on local call and more than 90% for international call.

Since it is an internet-based communication, VoIP is serving us various facilities that we cannot find on PSTN. If we want to use VoIP, we don’t need to deal with the complicated and expensive hardware and software. All we need to have is just a fully operated computer an\d internet connection. To get VoIP phone systems, you can apply from one of the VoIP provider in the country for assistance and help.

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