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Hashtag Photo Booth for Effective Business Branding

So you have an event to be held soon and want to boost your product or business branding to the top? Well, there are actually many things we can do to boost our business and product branding, but most them wouldn’t be able to give you instant result. And if you want it to be an easy, fast, and instant way of elevating your business branding, the best option available for it will be installing a hashtag photo booth from BrandRocket to your event booth. Many had tried it and mostly really successful in escalating their brand and receive amazing positive feedbacks from visitors.


Just as the name is, Hashtag Photo Booth incorporate online social media like Instagram and Twitter with a digital photo booth. Anyone could easily to select and print any pictures they have been taken from their phones directly to the digital printer within the booth, via those two social media platforms: Instagram and Twitter. All the people need to do is just to upload the desired pics attributed with the unique hashtag you have been selected earlier and the booth will then automatically detect and print the pics visitors have uploaded for then they can get the print for free. This unique feature and service lead many people to be really fascinated and are voluntarily spreading your business branding campaign through the social media platforms.

There might be many options of photo booth services and rentals available in the market but none of them can significantly contributing to your business branding. We all know how people do really love free stuffs and now you can trick the quest by providing hashtag photo booth where you can provide them free photo printing service and get them to spread words about your products and businesses worldwide in return.

BrandRocket is one of the most notable companies in South Africa especially due to their unique yet effective business branding solutions provided. They have been providing event booth and social printing services for many years now and had incorporated many companies and people throughout the years. With the high demand for effective branding services nowadays, the presence of BrandRocket with their hashtag photo booth had revolutionized the way of people leveraging the product branding and enhance the possibility of getting their business get recognized worldwide. And this has been proven for many times. Most of their clients are experiencing significant improvement on business branding and conversion after using BrandRocket’s services.

And to install hashtag photo booth, one should only provide electrical outlets and space for the installation. It doesn’t have to be big space since the overall photo booth is sized so compact and not too bulky. That makes it really suitable to any booth size and space availability. Even a small event booth should be enough to incorporate the need of space required for the photo booth installation. Also it is necessary for the location to have enough phone signal and internet access especially with the fact that the system relies fully on internet connection to be able to work properly.