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Weapons Made in Indonesia Latest Internationalised

Senjata Buatan Indonesia Terbaru yang Mendunia

PINDAD is one of the original defense equipment company owned by the government of Indonesia. PINDAD itself produces a wide range of product variants consist of a rifle, pistol, combat vehicles and the like. Products of PINDAD itself is now being used by the Indonesian Armed Forces and the quality of its products has been recognized world-class. In fact, many countries are fascinated with the production of this PINDAD itself. One of the most became a byword in the world is a sniper rifle SPR 2. Touted 2 SPR sniper rifle can not be made by any country.

But special, particularly Pindad Indonesia has succeeded in creating such products to Indonesia. PINDAD itself has been able to produce about 40,000 weapons that are divided into various types each year. You’re curious about what products are widely diunggul Pindad-unggulkan as well as any weapon latest Pindad?
Here is a list of weapons Pindad high quality and latest types of weapons Pindad:

  • Assault Rifle SS1. This rifle has been widely used by the Army of the Republic of Indonesia and the National Police since 1988. This weapon is a rifle made by adopting and following such license FN FNC rifle weapon derived from the Belgian arms company is Fabrique Nationale or FN.

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