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Understanding the Definition Retina display and Advantages


Understanding the Definition Retina display and upside – When introduced the iPhone 4, Steve Jobs explained that the smartphone is equipped with Retina Display technology, this technology is still used Apple until the iPhone 6.


How to understand the definition Retina Display and benefits of features that can be taken by an iPhone user? complete the following explanation:

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Samsung supplies DRAM LPDDR4 for LG and Apple


To be the top in the category of the largest semiconductor company, Samsung Electronics, reportedly will supply DRAM LPDDR4 for LG and Apple, it will be used on their latest devices, either mobile or tablet. And, as we know that DDR4 DRAM, has appeared on the LG G Flex 2, which was introduced at the 2015 CES tech show recently held in Las Vegas in early January last.

Samsung DDRAM LPDDR4 made on the 20nm manufacturing process, comes with a 50% faster than LPDDR3 memory, and also consumes 40% less power at 1.1 volts, compared with LPDDR3 at 1.8 volts. The new chip data transfer speeds can be as high as 3,200Mbps per pin – twice the speed of current produced LPDDR3 20nm DRAM.

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Piano Tiles: New Addictive Game App for Gadget Lovers

The gadget world has developed rapidly in the last few years. Now people can easily to connect with the others and browse internet contents from anywhere and at any time they want it. The fact is, gadget and internet have becoming major needs to accommodate our daily activities. And the rapid growth of gadget industry also give positive impact to the gaming industry. Both gadget and game industry is accommodating one to another, resulting on the rapid growth of both industry fields.

Any new gadget release will always be the best moment to introduce the market with some new contents or features the gadget has offered inside, including some new games included. Many websites and other sources has their own list for the most favorite gadget games. As for today, the best game on both Apple and Android devices would be Piano Tiles. This game consists of multiple squares with varies sizes and shapes. The goal is to tap on the squares with dark colors. It is so easy to play and it even doesn’t require high gadget specification. This simple game turns out to be really addictive that more and more gadget users are downloading it and playing it on their gadgets.

Piano Tiles game can be found and downloaded from many places, such as App Store of Apple and Play Store of Android. For more information about this game and how it can be at the number 1 spot in Apple’s AppStore, you can simply visit their official website at PianoTiles.net. Here you will be informed about everything related to Piano Tiles game app as well as also installation guidance and some other information you possibly need to know about this addictive game. So, what else are you waiting for? Now is the perfect time for you to learn about Piano Tiles and about how it will be the best way to kill some time with it.