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Shape Shirt Iron Man Made Newest Hyundai


Iron Man is indeed a scientific movie that shows the use of advanced technology. And though Iron Man is just a movie, but the technology that is in the film can also be seen in everyday life. Included is a robot suit worn by Tony Stark.

Introduce clothes belonging Hyundai exoskeleton called by the name of Hyundai Lifecaring exoskeleton or abbreviated H-LEX. Companies from South Korea and even then released the H-LEX clothes designed bigger and stronger than the previous version. And this robot suit has the ability to lift heavier weights than the older version.

H-LEX robot suit is a suit exoskeleton designed to be used in the factory environment. Employees can use these H-LEX as well as a Tony Stark in Iron Man movie. But H-LEX is unable to fly or shoot lasers, can only be used to lift heavy loads. In addition, H-LEX is also designed to be used for those with limb disabilities.

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Advanced Technology Aircraft Demon

Cara Kerja Teknologi Canggih Pesawat Siluman

The progress of time making more rapid development of aerospace technology, at present there are three stronghold in the world with highly advanced aircraft technology. The first is of course the United States, Europe and the second is the last one is Russia. All three are competing to make the fighter with more advanced technology than the others. For stealth affair that lead remains the United States, while Russia can not be considered lightly with the advantages maneuverability.

Although America has also developed technology that is not less speedily maneuver with Russia such as the implementation of Thrust Vectoring, which is where the “exhaust” the plane can twist into any arah.tapi among all these technologies that will be discussed here is about how to get the nickname Stealth aircraft.

Russian-made stealth aircraft
There are several advanced aircraft belonging to America in this category, namely the F-117, F-22, JSF F-35, and B-2. Read more

3D printers Future Technology

printing 3D

The development of technology is currently growing rapidly, considering the number of new devices are launched with latest and advanced technology. As in the world of printing, which has begun to crawl on the three-dimensional object printing. One of the latest technologies in the printing world is a 3D printer. This 3D printer is a printing apparatus in which objects are issued in the form of three-dimensional. Printers in general we know only capable of printing on paper leaflets, and only produces two-dimensional images.

3D printer technology is a new breakthrough and one of the technologies in the future. The printout of the printer is in the form of solid objects instead of sheets of paper, and three-dimensional technique is commonly referred to as rapid prototyping or stereolithography. To produce a three-dimensional mold, this printer will issue successive layers of some materials. 3D printers are usually used in printing the interests of solid objects, such as creating a form of household items or children’s toys. Even can also be used in the laboratory interests, such as making a clone organs and human skeleton or the other.

To use this three-dimensional printer, not all people or organizations can use this technology. If you want mold a three-dimensional object, not only have a 3D printer but must have special software to print three-dimensional objects. With the 3D software like auto cad or the other, then the three-dimensional object is ready to be printed. Prints and shaped like a doll clone if you print a human body. To see the workings and the printout of this 3D printer. Read more

Technology Developments For The Future


Staring for future technological developments. Here’s a list of 200+ technological development of 14 sectors / fields, which are being carried out research, development and pilot projects as well as some already running but is not yet complete to various countries around the world.

Projects or experiments, research intended to create new technologies that really function optimally, so it can be called as a useful technology for the benefit of modern life or a modern lifestyle (without regard to benefits in their entirety).

Of the 14 sectors, some is the elaboration of NBIC, is an abbreviation of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information technology and Cognitive Science. In 2014.

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