Strength Super Hero who Embodied Scientists

Kekuatan Super Hero yang Diwujudkan Para Ilmuwan

1. Ability Vision Superman In Penetrating Wall

Camero’s Xaver 800, a product which uses microwave radar to penetrate the walls and project the 3-D imaging of whatever is hiding behind walls. According to the manufacturer, this tool can be used to image through walls plain old, clay brick, cinder block and even reinforced concrete structures, everything is penetrated Xaver 800. Although like Superman, this tool also has got kryptonite (weakness) it, this device can not see through solid metal. Other companies are also getting into the business vision of X-rays. Physical Optics Corporation offers a handheld device called LEXID, which can reveal contraband concealed behind walls, in cars and in other containers.

2. Ability Adhesives Spiderman To Stick On Wall.
Scientists have been working to develop a synthetic adhesive that mimics the gecko for many years, and such a discovery is very close to becoming a reality, thanks to a new method that uses microscopic plastic to create a similar structure. In all likelihood, the room will be the first destination to try a new dry adhesive. Nowadays, the idea is that the technology will help robotic exploration final frontier. This idea is entirely plausible, that the same principles can be applied to eventually replace everyday adhesive which people will start to get used to.

3. Muscle Strength Super HULK
Berkley Bionics and Lockheed Martin Human Universal Load Carrier (HULC) exoskeletons are examples of such innovations. HULC, through its titanium legs, change the wearer to be strong. Titanium leg attached to the frame backpacklike with a set of power units and small on-board microcomputer. HULC one of the most impressive features is the fact that it does not require a joystick or manual control mechanism. The device can sense the movement of the intended operator, and react as desired.

4. Strength Neo ‘The Matrix’ in Stopping Bullets rate
IBM filed a patent for the Bionic Body Armor, which will complete these tasks, in early 2009. This device will provide stimuliasi / reflex shock to the user, which in turn will cause reflexive movements in the opposite direction of a rate-threatening projectile. Smart armor is still being developed in the form of liquid body armor. One version uses magnetorheological fluid (MFS), which thicken when exposed to a magnetic field, and the other using shear-thickening fluid (STFs), which hardens when there is stimulation or forcibly struck by an object.

5. Ability Storm (X-Men) in the Manipulate Weather
At the beginning of 1998 a project called HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) suspected of developing a lethal weapon is based on the concepts of “earthquake machine” Nikola Tesla. This project according to some people in charge of some major seismic event. Tested a “tectonic weapon” related to the project called HAARP, a system that can produce unexpected climate change and hard. In the HAARP project ever reveal their research aimed at creating devices trigger natural disasters. Using extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves (extremely low frequency, ELF) which is able to penetrate the layers of soil and seas up to hundreds of kilometers in the bowels of the earth. Through special modifications, it is able to move the wave of earth’s tectonic plates. The manufacture of such weapons has indeed been predicted earlier. The new technology will provide techniques to conduct secret wars that only requires a little force, such as modifying techniques weather that can cause prolonged storm. The existence of weapons is not the kind of ecological science fiction. A health expert and the environment confirmed that the US military is working on a climate control system as a potential weapon. The method includes controlling storm and set the direction of evaporation of water in the Earth’s atmosphere to produce flooding in certain places. Radio frequency technology to manipulate to release certain weather conditions such as hurricanes and typhoons.

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