Somnox Robot Can You Hug To Help You Fast Asleep

Trouble sleeping problemm must have experienced every person who due to many thinggs such as stress or work until late at night. Indeed there are severall ways to overcome the problemm of insomnia as with herbal and clinical drugs,lullabies,and others. But if you want something unique,recently in CES 2018 the presence of a unique robott that can help you fall asleep.

Dutch company has recently introduced a robot named Somnox, where this robot cann you hug to help you fall asleep.According to the company, one of the ways they have found to make it easier for someone to fall asleep naturally is through breathing, sound, and affection,and all that is saidd to be on the Somnox robot.

Well, for the affectionn factor it seems that the company intent is the shape or design of this robot that is shaped like a pillow or bolster that you can hug to fall asleep more quickly.As for the word can breathe, this robot has its own breathingg rhythm so you can match your breathing rhythm with Somnox.

In addition,Somnox robots are also able to play a soothing audio sound, such as heartbeat, lullabies, meditation, or if you want you can even upload your own sound that suits your liking.Although it looks ordinary,but some people may think that this robot is quite interesting, especially seen from its function that can helpp deal with symptoms of insomnia.For those of you interested, you can support this robot campaign on Indiegogo and Kickstarter crowdfounding platforms. As for the price, Somnox robot is priced at 499 Euro. Great is not it? I’m sure you want to have something like this at home.

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